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Headlines - Thursday

Barack Obama (on the left) enjoyed golfing with one of his 'friends', Robert Wolf, President of UBS Americas (on the right). (Wolf raised $250,000 for the Obama presidential campaign.) It is not known if these golfing buddies discussed the ongoing investigation of UBS as a haven for tax dodgers.

Who's a better Christian?

Our Lady of the Holy Wolf Slaughter, Sister Sarah Palin, whose major accomplishments

  • Fought for and signed House Bill 3001 for awarding a contract to TransCanada Alaska for developing and building a pipeline stretching for 1,715 miles from the Prudhoe Bay treatment plant to Alberta Canada.
  • Fired the gubernatorial chef.
  • Issued Administrative Order 242 signed August 20, 2008. This order puts together a co-op of the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Revenue to work with organizations who wish to commercialize Alaska's North Slope natural gas.
  • Defended the Constitutional right to use aircraft when executing wolfofascists.
Patriot Pastor Steven L Anderson, who:
Or Ted Kennedyn who sponsored or lead the fight for the following vile legislative acts:
  • The Mental Health Parity Act of 1996
  • State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP)
  • Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act of 2009 (Americorps)
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  • Fair Housing Act of 1968
  • Handicapped Children's Protection Act of 1986 (overturning a SCOTUS decision)
  • Ryan White Care Act of 1990 (AIDS care)
  • Americans with Disability Act of '90
  • Civil Rights Act of 1991
  • Minority Health & Health Disparities Research & Education Act of 2000
  • National & Community Service Trust Act of 1993 (Americorps)
  • Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1990
  • Military Child Care Act of 1989
  • The WARN Act of 1988 (60 days notice prior to plant closings)
  • Employment Opportunities for Disabled Americans Act of 1986
  • Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 (vetoed by Reagan)
  • Job Training Partnership Act of 1980
  • Refugee Act of 1980
  • Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act of 1980
  • Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act - 1975
  • Title IX of Education Amendments of '72 (bans sex discrimination by schools getting Fed $)
  • Establishment of Women, Infants & Childrens ("WIC") Nutrition Program at USDA
  • Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Act of 1970
  • Older American Community Service Employment Act of 1970
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration Act of 1970
  • The Voting Rights Act amendments of 1970
  • The Bilingual Education Act of 1968
  • The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 (War on Poverty: Head Start, Job Corps)
  • The Mental Health Parity Act of 1996

The Torch

Mr. Kennedy had told friends recently that he was looking forward to a "reunion" with his seven departed siblings, particularly his brothers, whose lives had been cut short.

"When he gets there, he can say 'I did it, I carried the torch,' " Mr. Delahunt said. " 'I carried it all the way.' "

Yes, Ted. You did.


Why does the media keep forgetting that Dick Cheney is a liar? 

Dick Cheney is a liar. That anyone would find this a controversial statement is beyond me. He lied about outing Valerie Plame, he lied about WMD, he lied about Iraqi ties to al Qaeda. If the birthers want to see anyone's birth certificate, make it Dick Cheney's - I want to see that name on one before I'll believe it's really his. He is a well-known liar.

If you want to say something nice about Cheney, about the best you could say is that he's a very good liar. He has a talent for it and, if it weren't for the tens of thousands of lives those lies have ended, you might admire him for his grasp of plausible fiction. The question isn't whether or not Dick's a liar, the question is why the media treat him as if he were anything other than one. Whenever a story involving Cheney crops up, the press is right there, asking him questions and treating his answers as if there were any reason in the world to believe him.
When next you dine at Applebee's, be sure to tell your server Glenn Beck is your homie.

AIG boss starts new job - with Adriatic holiday overseeing grape harvest

After an $85bn government bailout, Robert Benmosche is raising Wall Street eyebrows by spending most of his first month at his Croatian villa


... Well, obviously, if anyone was in a rush to pass the plan so Teddy could see it signed, that urgency is gone, and if any good can come of his passing, I hope it's that they rethink this whole hurry-up-and-wait-for-worse-than-nothing project the Blue Dogs (including, as near as I can tell, Obama himself) have been saddling us with.

It's time to junk the whole current proposal and go back to square one. Demand single-payer now, at the very least. Do it for yourself, and your family and friends, and your country - and, perhaps, in memory of all the times he really did hold the line and remember what it's all about, do it for Teddy.
Fair & Balanced 

Not news: Chris Wallace talks about President Obama's "Assisted Suicide Death Book" on Fux.

News to anyone watching the Fox Nutwork: The object in question is actually a guidebook on living wills written during the Bush misadministration.

Jed Lewison:

"There's nothing surprising about the Fox propaganda machine peddling outrageous lies, but Chris Wallace's fabrication is one of the most despicable, reprehensible falsehoods Fox has ever put on air. It's bad enough that Wallace lied through his teeth, but the fact that he chose to exploit our nation's veterans for his dirty political game tells us everything we need to know about his integrity -- or lack thereof."

Southwest Airlines got caught with unauthorized parts on at least 42 jets:
Class. That's what attracts me to the conservative movement. Sheer, unadulterated class. It isn't just about comic relief or the moral relativism that turns Democratic sinners into saints by comparison. It's their class.

What follows are just some handpicked comments from our various ideological competitors on the death of iconic Senator Ted Kennedy. If you ever needed a better reason for donating to Pottersville, spelunking into the moral and intellectual sewage pipes of places like Free Republic, Little Green Footballs and Red State would be it. I took a lot of hits for the team by doing this. (Look out for my counter-comments- They're parenthesized.)

The Freepers never disappoint, as this sampling shows:
In honor of Ted Kennedy, liver transplants for alcoholics will not be free in the government option.

Instead of putting these people on pedestals we should be knocking them off!
Andrew Breitbart
And here's classy conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart, who began his sustained assault on Kennedy's memory, tweeting "Rest in Chappaquiddick": 


Heart attack on a plate

KFC is test marketing a new "sandwich"- The Double Down. It's bacon, two kinds of cheeses and sauce between two pieces of fried chicken (instead of bread.) 

Beloved Utah Republican Orrin Hatch loves to sing, and he loves to compose songs, so he can sing them! The songs are often about the Mormon God, but this time the song is about the Liberal God, Ted Kennedy: 


CIA documents fail to prove Cheney's 'enhanced interrogation claims'

Hmmmmm…. "Give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney and one hour" – Jesse Ventura, 5/09.

Strikingly, [the documents] provide little evidence for Cheney's claims that the "enhanced interrogation" program run by the CIA provided valuable information. In fact, throughout both documents, many passages actually suggest the opposite of Cheney's contention: that non-abusive techniques actually helped elicit some of the most important information the documents cite in defending the value of the CIA's interrogations.
Can we prosecute him for war crimes now?

"All coons look alike to me."

GOP Rep. says party must find 'Great White Hope' to fight Obama:


It always does. Global warming will hurt the poor, minorities and the elderly in cities the hardest, according to the World Wildlife Federation and Physicians for Social Responsibility.


Helicopter Ben involved in identity theft ring:

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