Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31

Missouri Bill Would Require All First Graders To Take NRA-Sponsored Gun Class



 "I want you teabaggers out there to understand one thing: while you idolize the Founding Fathers and dress up like them, and smell like them, I think it's pretty clear that the Founding Fathers would have hated your guts. And what's more, you would've hated them. They were everything you despise. They studied science, read Plato, hung out in Paris and thought the Bible was mostly bulls**t." –Bill Maher


"I want to just take a moment to thank the Teabaggers. Thank you so much for helping us pass health care, for resurrecting the Obama presidency. I know they're saying, 'Why are you thanking me? I was so against it, I marched on Washington with tea bags hanging off my Founding Fathers costume, with a gun on my hip and a picture of Obama dressed as Hitler, screaming about his birth certificate.' And America saw that and said, 'I think I'll go with the calm black man.'" –Bill Maher



A man claiming to be a pastor apparently tried to stiff a waiter on a tip, explaining that hiswork under God absolved him of having to leave one.


BP gets away with murder - We both know the reason, don't we? Link

According to various news reports, BP has reached a deal with the Department of Justice 
and agreed to pay a piddly-ass  fine in addition to pleading guilty to gross misconduct in the 
2010 Deepwater Horizon gulf oil disaster.

Gross misconduct?
You mean like when you get caught mooning someone?

Is that what BP did to us?  They f-ing mooned us? 
And now they're sorry and they've learned their lesson?

The AP reports BP (The corporation) will also plead guilty to obstruction "for lying to Congress 
about how many billions of spewing oil were killing Gulf wildlife." 

Excuse me, but "BP" didn't tell any lies.
BP employees told those lies to make more money.
Why do they get a free pass and poker players don't?

The agreement was reportedly made in exchange for Three Magic Beans.  BP tried to get away with just paying One Magic Bean
but Obama the Prosecutor insisted on this cold, harsh penalty.

As always Bart's Law #2 applies.
Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power) in their pocket,  
expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.  

Why would ANY oil company EVER bother to comply with those stupid American laws?
Just include the four-cents-on-the-dollar "penalty" in your pricing and you're bullet-proof.

"Eric?  Raid some more poker games..."


The fact that federal spending cuts were the primary factor driving today's grim economic growth report makes it clear that moving forward with the sequester's draconian spending cuts would be a complete disaster. This is not something that Republicans want to get blamed for, but unfortunately for House Speaker John Boehner, the only way he got House Republicans to agree to raise the debt limit was by promising to enforce the spending sequester. So now he's in a bit of a trap: He has to defend the sequester at the same time that he has to deny responsibility for it.

Here's how his office tried to accomplish that balancing act today:

"These arbitrary, automatic cuts were a creation and demand of the White House in 2011," said Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Speaker of the House John Boehner in response to Carney's comments. "Twice the House has passed legislation to replace them with common sense cuts and reforms. If there was any uncertainty late last year about the sequester, it was because the Democratic-controlled Senate, per usual, never lifted a finger to pass a plan to replace it."
Actually, the truth is that the Senate has offered plenty of ways to achieve the same level of deficit reduction as the sequester—it's just that doing so would raise taxes, and Republicans refuse to do that. So it's not that the Senate hasn't lifted a finger, it's that House Republicans don't like the Senate's ideas.

Beyond that, however, there's no eternal rule that says the House couldn't just suspend the sequester indefinitely. The fact that they are insisting on equivalent cuts means that one way or another they are the ones insisting on the sequester.

Boehner's spokesman says the White House is the reason the sequester was created in the first place, back in 2011. But the truth is that Republicans were the ones pushing for the massive spending cuts—the president was trying to figure out how to keep the government running the face of GOP obstruction, and the sequester is what we ended up with.

That being said, what difference does it make who came up with the idea in 2011? It's 2013: What matters is what happens now. The GOP has within its power the ability to put aside the sequester—if it so chooses. If it doesn't, the most logical explanation is that John Boehner was telling the truth when he said this in August of 2011 after passing the debt ceiling deal that created the sequester in the first place:

When you look at this final agreement that we came to with the White House, I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I'm pretty happy.
Republicans created our fiscal nightmare. They can still fix it, or at least get out of the way, but the clock is ticking.


Eight months ago, Vice President Joe Biden set in motion a great national evolution when speaking to CBS, he said,
I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties.
It wasn't long before President Barack Obama declared his own "evolution" and embraced equality, setting of celebrations among freedom-loving liberals and, yes, celebrations among bigots convinced this would be the death knell of the Obama presidency. As one online conservative gloated at the time:
If there is a day to finger for Barack Obama losing the Presidency in 2012, it will be Sunday, May 6, 2012.

On that day, Joe Biden* went on national television and proclaimed himself in favor of gay marriage. It started a media spiral for the President. Two days after Biden spoke, North Carolina voters voted by overwhelming margins to leave marriage alone. The next day, Barack Obama went on national television to devolve back to the position he held prior to running for President [...]

*Okay, in fairness, we could arguably say August 23, 2008, was the day Obama lost his re-election. That's the day he chose Biden to be veep and we all knew it was only a matter of time...

Delicious, isn't it? Things have only looked worse for the haters since mid 2012, as we'll see below the fold. But a hint: They're even endangered in WYOMING. Yup. That bad. Keep reading here.



So, despite the fact

that a teenager who performed at Obama's Inaugural was just gunned down a block from her school, the melanin-fearing, microphallic, morally challenged tweezerheads (read: Wayne LaPierre and Co.) took center stage at the Senate hearings to gut any potential legislation that might prevent small children--or batshit insane motherfuckers--from getting their hands on their god-promised killing machines (and obscene amounts of ammunition) with which to strafe imaginary thundering herds of wildebeest...or classrooms full of real kindergartners. The lunacy that prevailed at the Senate hearing - it boggles the mind. Try this on for size:

Lawyer and gun rights supporter activist Gayle Trotter gave vivid testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee at a Wednesday hearing on gun violence. Trotter, a senior fellow at the conservative Independent Women's Forum, argued that a proposed ban on assault weapons would "disarm" vulnerable women and "put them at a severe disadvantage" in fights with multiple criminals.


Despite arguing for serious firepower, Trotter said later the most important thing about assault weapons for women's defense is the way the guns look.

"An assault weapon in the hands of a young woman defending her babies in her home becomes a defense weapon," said Trotter, a mother of six. "And the peace of mind she has ... knowing she has a scary-looking gun gives her more courage when she's fighting hardened violent criminals."

I . . . I just can't even. It should be noted that this particular whackjob thinks VAWA infringes on men's rights. 

Where do these people come from? /rhetorical


Tennessee 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Now Requires Teachers To Inform Parents If Their Child Is Gay


Gabrielle Giffords' husband schools NRA tool Wayne LaPierre


Shifty-eyed Frenchman Wayne LaPierre was on Capitol Hill today, using his pie-hole to spray lies and obfuscations in defense of guns 'n ammo makers' profits much as a prepper might fantasize about using a drum magazine-fitted assault rifle to spray bullets at imaginary urban hordes to protect his bunker.

While LaPierre was lying and obfuscating, yet another nutbag went on yet another shooting rampage, which Captain Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, pointed out to the committee. Early report:

Three people were shot and wounded Wednesday, one of them with life-threatening injuries, when a gunman opened fire at a Phoenix office complex, authorities said.

One of the three victims sustained "extremely critical" injuries, while the two others were less severely wounded, police said, correcting their earlier report that all three had been critically injured.

Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said the gunman was not in custody and that authorities were seeking an "older white male." Police said shell casings at the scene indicated that at least two weapons were used.

Witnesses told KNPX that they heard nine or 10 shots total. A woman who works in the building told the station that she immediately began running down the hallway.

"We didn't know where to hide, because all of our offices are all windows," she said.

Chances are, they'll find the Phoenix shooter dead after he kills himself with one of his legally purchased guns. 


A suspected gunman in Alabama is holding an autistic boy hostage in an underground bunker after shooting and killing the driver of the school bus the boy was on.


A retired barber shot his urologist to death on Monday during a routine visit.


Hunters leave 3,000 tons of lead bullets in the woods each year, and shooting ranges generate another 80,000 tons of spent ammo, CBD says. As many as 20 million eagles, condors, swans and other birds die each year due to lead poisoning after consuming what's left behind. 


'Fundamentally Unfair': How States Tax The Richest 1 Percent At Half The Rate Of The Poor

Lindsey Graham: GOP-Forced Budget Cuts Will Mean Fewer Cops, So People Need To Arm Themselves

Original Mens Rights Activist Phyllis Schlafly, that grand old thing, has some thoughts on women in combat. She is against it. She is against it for all your standard Phyllis Schlafly reasons, but adds in one extra, just to keep things spicy: Men will not be able to stop themselves from the temptation of raping and sexually harrassing the delicate womyn flowers — some women will trick them into it by not being ugly — and then the men will be accused of sexual harrassment and rape! How is that even fair? Why are the women not accused of the sexual harrassment and rape of themselves? What is our world even coming to??? It is like she went to sleep one day and woke up in Starship Troopers!! BUT WITH RAPE!!!

Now, this is not the first time La Schlafly has asserted that women rape themselves, and since she isn't dead yet it won't be the last. But let us read her thoughts, together.

Blah blah Schlafly Schlafly Schlafly. Oh, here it is.

Military women are already complaining about increased sexual assaults, and of course those problems will skyrocket. Only men will be deemed at fault because it is feminist ideology that men are innately batterers and women are victims.

Women, stop raping yourselves! With your seductive wiles! Anyway, there's also this:

Of course, [Leon] Panetta doesn't want to be grilled about his order. It's lacking in common sense and it is toadying to the feminist officers who yearn to be 3- and 4-star generals based on the feminist dogma of gender interchangeability and on their desire to force men into situations to be commanded by feminists.

It's true. That is why we have a whip.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30

Compassionate Conservative Stacey Campfield, Tennessee GOP Lawmaker, Wants To Tie Welfare Benefits To Children's Grades



Now that Congress has solved all of our other problemsThe heads of the House Oversight Committee are planning to grill professional football players directly in their probe of human growth hormone use in the National Football League.


Everything you need to know about gun nuts summed up in this story:

Neil Heslin, the father of a 6-year-old boy who was slain in the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, stoically faced down pro-gun activists last night.


But as he gave his emotional testimony, pleading with lawmakers to improve mental health options and to ban assault weapons like the one Adam Lanza used to murder his child and 25 other people, his speech was interrupted by dozens of audience members, The Connecticut Post reported.

"I still can't see why any civilian, anybody in this room in fact, needs weapons of that sort. You're not going to use them for hunting, even forhome protection," Heslin said.

Pro-gun activists responded by calling out: "Second Amendment!"

Undeterred, Heslin continued. "There are a lot of things that should be changed to prevent what happened."

Obviously, the massacre of kindergartners does not outweigh the right for some asshole pinhead cracker to load up on automatic weaponry. At this point, I don't know what it will take for these fear-driven, sea cucumber's dingleberries to realize that having an AK-47 doesn't make them any "safer" from scary black people, women, Hispanics, or themselves. Maybe the election of an old white guy as President? Ha.


Sherrod Brown and Chuck Grassley want answers on too-big-to-fail and too-big-to-jail banks:

U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter today to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder questioning whether the "too big to fail" status of certain Wall Street megabanks undermines the ability of the federal government to prosecute wrongdoing and impose appropriate penalties. They also requested that the Justice Department disclose the identities of parties with whom prosecutors consult about the appropriate level of penalties for financial institutions.

"Wall Street megabanks aren't just too big to fail, they're increasingly too big to jail," Brown said. "Already, the nation's six largest megabanks enjoy what amounts to taxpayer-funded guarantee by virtue of their size, making it harder for regional and community banks to compete. Now, these megabanks may also enjoy some impunity when they violate the law by laundering money or illegally foreclosing on homeowners. Wall Street should pay the full price of its wrongdoing, not pass the costs along to taxpayers."

"The best deterrent to crime is to put people in prison," Grassley said. "That includes those at powerful banks and corporations. Unfortunately, we've seen little willingness to charge these individuals criminally. The public deserves an explanation of how the Justice Department arrives at these decisions."
I think we'd all like to know. The American people would like to know. The banking cartel has become immune from prosecution because they collude to threaten our economy with destruction if we so much as look at them askance.

But it's an empty threat. They're not a force of nature. They exist because of laws on the books. And while it might be a little messy, the various pensions, bonds and investments they hold on their books can be transferred to a variety of smaller, more manageable institutions.

Too big to fail is still too big to exist.


Ohio Will Not Rig The Electoral College

Good news — Ohio's top lawmakers said today that they do not support plansto alter the state's winner-takes-all approach to the electoral college, much to the ire of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus who loves the idea.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Count Ohio's Republican leaders out of a GOP-backed effort to end the Electoral College's winner-take-all format in the Buckeye State and other presidential battlegrounds.

Spokesmen for Gov. John Kasich, State Senate President Keith Faber and House Speaker William G. Batchelder told The Plain Dealer this week that they are not pursuing plans to award electoral votes proportionally by congressional district.

Batchelder went a step further, saying through his communications director that he "is not supportive of such a move." And Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted, the state's chief elections administrator, emphasized that he does not favor the plan either, despite Democratic suspicions based on reported comments that he said were taken out of context.

It's possible that the threat of being challenged in local elections is too great for some state politicians whose poll numbers are already too low to absorb a hit of this magnitude.

With that said, we should continue to watch Jon Husted like a hawk.

Husted's pre-election antics, which drew the wrath of local judges more than once and lead to the wrongful termination of several election officials in Montgomery County (disclosure: that's my county), are not forgivable.


How to Give Kids Nightmares

This is unspeakably asinine and a depressing example of where we're at here in America.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A school shooting drill planned for tomorrow in the far northwestern suburbs has many parents upset.

According to a letter from Cary-Grove High School principal Jay Sargeant, there will be a code red drill at the school on Wednesday.

It will include somebody shooting blanks from a gun in the hallway "in an effort to provide our teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire."

You can't window-dress this. If we're in a situation where we feel the need to familiarize children with the sound of gunfire in their school's hallway, our society very close to being irrevocably fucked if it isn't already.


The Obama Team's Farewell Gift for Hillary Clinton

Posted on 01/29/2013 at 9:41 am by Bob Cesca

This is too damn cool:

Last week campaign disclosure reports revealed that Hillary Clinton had finally retired the debt from her 2008 presidential campaign—with a little help from the guy who beat her, Barack Obama. Clinton's debt once totaled more than $20 million, although it had dwindled to about $250,000 by last year. That's when a team of top Obama donors decided to surprise Clinton, and thank her for her loyal service, by raising enough money to pay off her bills. As secretary of state, she was forbidden from political fundraising.

According to a person involved in the effort who did not want to be named talking about internal fundraising strategy, the effort was launched last April by Steve Spinner, a California finance chairman for the Obama campaign; Jane Stetson, the former Democratic National Committee finance chairwoman; and Henry Munoz, the incoming DNC finance chairman. The challenge was tougher than it may appear, since it required a particular kind of donor. In order not to run afoul of campaign finance laws, the Obama team had to find people who had not already given Clinton the 2008 maximum primary donation of $2,300 or maxed out their total federal candidate donations during the 2012 cycle ($46,200). And of course, those people also had to be warmly disposed toward Clinton and still have plenty of free cash on hand.

We've come a long way since the harrowing days of the 2008 primary season.


Idaho gun-nut lawmakers freak out over man with gun in state Capitol (irony alert)


Fox ratings are down across the board in the key 25-54 demographic:

Fox News was down -6% in total viewers and -22% in the key adults 25-54 demo in total day in January, the lowest demo numbers since July 2008. In primetime, the network was down -17% in total viewers and -40% in the demo, posting its lowest demo numbers since May 2006. It is worth noting that January 2012 was a big one in the Republican primary race and FNC hosted two primary debates, but this month was no slouch either, with the inauguration and a number of big political stories.

MSNBC was up 11% with the 25-54 demographic in January. Fox and Friends remains a high point for Fox, though it's slipping, too:

In the morning, "Fox & Friends" was up +5% in total viewers, but down -17% in the demo. It has been number one on cable news for 135 straight months, drawing more viewers than MSNBC, CNN and HLN combined.

Morning Ho was #2 on the last ratings report I could find, which means the #1 and #2 morning shows on cable are conservative vehicles. I wonder when MSNBC will cancel that sad shitshow and replace it with something that people might want to watch.


Mazel Tov, Gomer Pyle!

HONOLULU — The actor best known for playing the TV character Gomer Pyle in the 1960s has married his male partner of 38 years.

Hawaii News Now ( reports Jim Nabors and his partner, Stan Cadwallader, traveled from their Honolulu home to Seattle to be married Jan. 15…

The 82-year-old Nabors says you've got to solidify something when you've been together as long as they have.

They couple met in 1975 when Cadwallader was a Honolulu firefighter. Cadwallader is 64.

Nabors says he's been open about his homosexuality to co-workers and friends but never acknowledged it to the media before…

Gol-lee, the things we didn't know in the 1960s. A gay Marine, out of Mayberry! — I wonder whether Andrew Sullivan will rush to claim Nabors for his team? Best wishes to the happy couple, in any case!


NRA gutted 2007 mental health registry law

What part of "bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." does Lindsey Graham not remember or understand?
The biggest drama queen in the Senate, Lindsey Graham, went full-frontalDan Burton on Hillary Clinton today, claiming that she got away with murdering four people in BenghaziSen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has upped his already harsh rhetoric against outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, claiming that she "got away with murder" in the Benghazi, Libya, attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. "I haven't forgotten about Benghazi. Hillary Clinton got away with murder, in my view," Graham said on Fox News Monday evening, speaking to Greta Van Susteren. "She said they had a clear-eyed view of the threats. How could you have a clear-eyed view of the threats in Benghazi when you didn't know about the ambassador's cable coming back from Libya?"

How this man can make such a claim when he was one of George W. Bush's biggest warfloggers is beyond me.

Three Charts Reminding The GOP That Domestic Spending Is Already Headed Toward Historic Lows

Poor Rush Limbaugh, who really has no one else to blame for the fact that his comments about Sandra Fluke lost him advertisers and made Mike Huckabee a viable competitor, seems to be feeling sorry for himself lately. In a recent interview with The New Republic, President Obama said, truthfully, that "If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you'll see more of them doing it." Now, Limbaugh appears to believe that this means President Obama is pulling some kind of mysterious strings—and to be denying his own influence. As The Hollywood Reporter explains:

Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience Monday that President Obama is promoting a "secondary boycott" against those he disagrees with and that the mainstream media is on board with the strategy.

"I would love to take credit for this," Limbaugh said Monday. "I'd love to say that I find myself here because of a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed strategy, but one of the reasons that Fox News and I stand out like sore thumbs here is because the rest of the media is gone. The rest of the media is in the tank. The rest of the media has long ago ceased doing their job. They're not reporting, they're not curious, they're not holding Obama accountable. They are on board. They are part of the agenda-advancement team."

I'm awfully curious about this kind of thinking. Does Limbaugh believe himself to be influential, or not? If he doesn't believe himself to have any particular influence over lawmakers, does that mean advertisers can't decide if they do or don't want to be associated with him, which is, after all, how pure media organizations have always set up that part of their revenue equation? How does President Obama saying that legislators care what Limbaugh thinks translate into him organizing a boycott against Limbaugh? What kind of free time does Limbaugh think President Obama has? It's always entertaining seeing what it's like down the rabbit hole, but I have less amused tolerance than usual when the subject is Limbaugh's hurt feelings.


31 Senate Republicans Opposed Sandy Relief After Supporting Disaster Aid For Home States

Arkansas Republicans Would Jail Doctors Who Perform Abortions After Just Six Weeks Of Pregnancy

GOP Rep Says He Opposes Immigration Reform Because Latinos Are Uneducated, Will Never Support Republicans

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29

Moving the overton windowWe all joked and laughed at the armed compound the Tea Party are trying to get going, but here's some Serious Thinkers on the Right and they have a plan for a model city-state.

Quitters - Famous part-time governor and full-time grifter SARAH PALIN isn't the only high-profile quitter this week: famous Nosferatu impersonator and sister of racist one-time presidential contender, BAY BUCHANAN has quit pit-viper punditry, taken an on-line real-estate course and is now a sales associate for McEnearney Associates Inc. in McLean, Va. (Raw Story)


On this day in history:

The 2003 State of the Union Address was a speech delivered by U.S. President George W. Bush on Tuesday, January 28, 2003. It outlined justifications for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It began his discussion of the "war on terror" by asserting, as he had before September 11, 2001, that "the gravest danger facing America and the world, is outlaw regimes that seek and possess nuclear, chemical and biological weapons." Of such regimes, that of Saddam Hussein was the worst, and "a brutal dictator, with a history of reckless aggression, with ties to terrorism, with great potential wealth, will not be permitted to dominate a vital region and threaten the United States." The domestic brutality of Hussein and the benefits of liberty and freedom for the Iraqi people were briefly noted near the end of the speech.

…and so CHIMPY added to his long list of crimes against humanity.


And now this news of Alaska's part-time Governor and full-time grifterThe Price of Palin: $15 per Word Spoken During FOX Contract


Why Lily Ledbetter Wasn't Enough: The Facts About The Persistent Pay Gap

Boy Scouts Board Will Consider Lifting National Anti-Gay Ban Next Week

New Jersey Governor Vetoes Minimum Wage Increase

Texas Legislature Wants To Reward Companies That Deny Employees Contraception

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) would like to impeach President Obama if he doesn't balance the budget in the next five years even though it's the duty of the House (and consequently — Mo Brooks) to pass budgets, not the president.

This becomes extra mind-numbing if you consider that the GOP House voted to pass the Paul Ryan budget several times which would have ballooned the deficit. And then there's the inconvenient fact that Republicans essentially created our deficit with wars, tax cuts, and drug benefits.

There's just no hope for some people. And unfortunately some of The Hopeless serve in congress.


Have you ever wondered where Jesus would stand on the Second Amendment? Well, according to National Review, there is little doubt that he would be a pro-gun lobby, shoot-em-up sort of guy.

The Democrats — ever vigilant for improper mixing of politics and religion — opened yesterday's news conference announcing their proposed "assault weapons" ban with a prayer from the Dean of the National Cathedral, the Canon Gary Hall. As Drudge highlighted yesterday, he made brief remarks before the prayer and said, "Everyone in this city seems to live in terror of the gun lobby . . . but I believe that the gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby."

I have no objection to the Reverand speaking his mind. In fact, I'm glad for clergy to contribute their thoughts to the gun-rights debate. My objection is to the substance of his position, not his participation in the debate. Simply put, self defense is a biblical and natural right of man, and I fear that his words imply otherwise. There is nothing about the cross that requires me to allow someone to kill my family — or anyone else for that matter. Indeed, I have a moral imperative to come to the aid of those in distress.

Here we go. Another right-wing attack on gun control that is completely baseless and irrelevant. One does not need the Bible to make the argument that self-defense is a natural right. Of course it is…but the type of changes to the gun laws that Dems have proposed have nothing to do with the right to defend oneself or protect family and property. The proposals have only to do with a) the type of guns one should be allowed to purchase and b) restricting gun ownership to law abiding citizens and others who do not pose a threat to society. Arguments don't get any more rational than that.

That said, the entire premise that Jesus would be in support of NRA sponsored lunacy is ridiculous. One need only turn to Matthew 5:38 and Jesus' own words to make the point that Jesus would have hated guns.

You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.

You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.

Jesus went a little too far with his turn-the-other-cheek bit, but it's quite clear that claiming that he would have supported the gun lobby is a stretch.


But when Jesus's example is used to defend violence, to celebrate self-defense, to find ways to look away from the mass murder of children, beware. Jesus' response to unspeakable violence was unconditional surrender and yet more still:

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.



A Tennessee state senator has figured out why children from poor homes aren't doing well in school — it is because their families' situation is not quite precarious enough! To motivate the lazy Poors to become better parents, Stacey Campfield (R-HardKnoxville) has introduced a bill that would cut Temporary Assistance to Needy Families benefits by up to 30% if children fail to make "satisfactory academic progress." Sen. Campfield explains on his dumb blog that this will help "break the cycle of poverty." Because as no study ever has proven, the main thing that holds parents back from providing strong academic support for their kids is that they simply haven't faced losing a third of their already-low welfare benefits. It's just common sense. READ MORE »

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28

"Give 'em head" Harry strikes again.


Hospitals would need to check the immigration status of uninsured patients under a new bill introduced by an Arizona lawmaker. Rep. Steve Smith's (R) H.B. 2293 would require hospital staff to "reasonably confirm" patients' status during check-in or treatment, and immediately report those who do not have the required papers to immigration officials.

Smith claimed it is a hospital's civic duty to check immigration status:

"I would hope if you witnessed somebody who is not lawfully present in this country taking advantage of, getting, acquiring any benefit or social service or something that they're not entitled to, or something they're abusing or neglected, I would hope somebody would pick up the phone and go, 'Maricopa police, Buckeye police, I think — I'm not sure — but I think this is happening."'

The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association has already rejected the attempt to turn hospitals into another front for immigration enforcement: "When does this begin or end?" a spokesman said. "What other industry should be screening their customers for citizenship verification?" The National Coalition for Immigrant Women's Rights and National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health also called the measure "unconscionable" and legalized "harassment." With roughly 19 percent of Arizona's population lacking health insurance, the bill could deter many immigrants and their children from seeking care, as well as burden hospitals.

(Arizonans fork out nearly $1.3 billion annually to pay for all of the costs incurred from illegal immigration; around $810 million for education, $400 million for health care related expenses, $80 million in incarceration costs, and the remainder in welfare benefits. All of this is required while Arizona runs a $500 million deficit annually.)


Gun Industry Aims To Sell Youth On Assault Weapons


Before Calling 911, Sheriff Tells Residents To Get 'In The Game' With A Gun


For The Sixth Time In One Week, Man Shot At Gun Show


Today in gun fail.


Shocker? Psychotic Billionaires Fund Climate Denial


Remember NOM's typically lie-filled claims about marriage in their full-page Rhode Island newspaper ad? Politifact took a look at those claims and gave NOM their worst rating: Pants On Fire. That's no surprise to most of us here, but enjoy: 
The National Organization for Marriage-Rhode Island said in a newspaper advertisement that "religious groups like Knights of Columbus have been forced to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their facilities, against their beliefs." But the Knights of Columbus incident cited as proof by Plante, NOM's regional coordinator, was from Canada and did not support its claim. Neither did the second example it cited. Nor the third. NOM made a strongly worded claim on the eve of a key vote that was meant to influence voters -- and their legislators. We can't predict what could happen under same-sex marriage laws in the future. But we can rule on claims that are so far from the truth. The judges rule Pants on Fire.
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The Rio Times reports: 
At least 245 people have died in a nightclub fire in central Rio Grande do Sul, police have said. A band's pyrotechnics reportedly started the blaze at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria at 2:30 AM Saturday night. Police finished removing bodies from the scene late Sunday morning, Folha de São Paulo reported. In addition to the 245 confirmed dead by military police, 48 people are injured and receiving treatment. Many people died after inhaling toxic fumes; and scores of people suffocated or were trampled as they fled the scene. Local media have reported that the club had only a single exit and panic spread as people tried to get out. Firefighters had to cut a hole in the wall of the nightclub to access victims and extinguish the fire. Footage on Globo TV showed people crying outside, while firefighters knocked down walls to gain access using sledgehammers.

A former Episcopal priest who is pissed off about his sect's acceptance of homosexuality has become New York state's first married Catholic priest.  As part of the deal, he's agreed to stop fucking his wife
John Cornelius will be ordained a Roman Catholic priest this weekend — and with the blessing of his wife they're giving up their sex life. Cornelius, a father of three, will become the first married Roman Catholic priest in New York — and Sharyl, his wife of 33-years, has agreed to the whole celibacy thing. "We have decided to do that voluntarily," Cornelius told WGRZ-TV. "I have always had friends that are Roman Catholic priests and I appreciate what they've given up to serve God and the priesthood." Cornelius, 64, is a former Episcopalian priest who converted three years ago to Catholicism. He said his old church had gotten too liberal for him. "There was the ordination of the homosexual priest in New England," he said. "Then it came time for women's ordination. ... It may have been okay for other people, but it was just too much for me. "I needed someplace where there was order," he added.
Mrs. Cornelius is reportedly thrilled with the new arrangement.


Word salad of the day

Sarah Palin to Breitbart News:

"I encourage others to step out in faith, jump out of the comfort zone, and broaden our reach as believers in American exceptionalism. That means broadening our audience. I'm taking my own advice here as I free up opportunities to share more broadly the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic and restoring this most exceptional nation."


"I was raised to never retreat and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season. When it comes to defending our republic, we haven't begun to fight! But we delight in those who underestimate us."

And this made me laugh out loud:

"Predicting the future has never been easier because here we are!"

Huh-what? Can anyone tell me what the hell that means?

There's no greater master of awkwardly phrased platitudes than Palin. Chez wrote a great farewell to Palin here.