Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22




In case you need further evidence that the only way the GOP can maintain power is to cheat and act like classless douchebags, check out what Republicans did in Virginia today:

While Henry Marsh (a black civil rights attorney turned Virginia politician) was in D.C. celebrating MLK Day and the inauguration of Blacky Obama, the Virginia GOP was jamming a gerrymandering bill through the legislature that would shift control of the Virginia Senate to the GOP and oust a Democratic state senator.

Had Marsh been present to vote, he would have cast the tie vote. As it is, the bill passed the Virginia Senate 20-19, and is expected to pass the House later this week.



12 Ways Obama Smacked Down the Tea Party and the Right in Inauguration Speech


Naked body scanners to be redeployed

Well, dammit, I thought these things were gone for good. Out of airports, yes, but distributed to other government agencies.

But the approximately 250 scanners that the TSA has pledged to remove won't go unused for long: The TSA has entered into an agreement with Rapiscan Systems, the company that makes them, to redeploy the devices "to other mission priorities within the government," as the TSA put it in an official blog post.

"We are working with the TSA to send them to other government agencies that already use the technology," said Peter Kant, executive vice president at Rapiscan, in a phone interview with TPM. Rapiscan is a subsidiary of OSI Systems.


President slammed Paul Ryan in address

Ryan was sitting on the dais at the inauguration and the president attacked a slogan Ryan invented.

President Obama took direct aim in his inaugural address at the Randian rhetoric that animates the politics of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and his conservative followers in the House and around the country, arguing that the United States is "not a nation of takers."

For Ryan, the country is divided between "takers" and "makers." He generally puts the number of the former at around a third, with the remainder in the producing category. The dichotomy has been a regular part of his rhetorical repertoire for years, and was elevated during the presidential campaign as Ryan sought the vice presidency.

The only thing that would've been better is if he had turned to Ryan and said, "Any more lies about my record, Scooter?"

Of course wing nut heads exploded that the crowd booed Ryan. But it was admirable that Alito and Joe Wilson called Obama a liar during the SOTU and every other vile thing they have said.


If you lived through Republican's disgusting display of politics over the last four years, I'm sure you'll appreciate this message to the right from Van Jones.

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