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Headlines - Friday January 14

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They told the truth.
Last time they came unarmed.
Last Saturday, they came armed.
"Where I come from the person that is actually shooting is the one that's culpable. - Palin, thru her lying spokesman Link

So Palin is now calling for the release of Charlie Manson because he wasn't an actual shooter in the Tate-LaBianca murders?

Someone else pointed out that Hitler didn't personally push Jews into the oven.
Wisco: Wingnut blogosphere's fake outrage of the day
NORTH CAROLINA: Tea Party-Backed School Board Reinstitutes Segregation

Wake County, North Carolina Republicans swept onto the Raleigh school board with the backing of the Tea Party are abolishing the busing of minority students from poor neighborhoods into better-funded school districts.
The new school board has won applause from parents who blame the old policy - which sought to avoid high-poverty, racially isolated schools - for an array of problems in the district and who say that promoting diversity is no longer a proper or necessary goal for public schools. "This is Raleigh in 2010, not Selma, Alabama, in the 1960s - my life is integrated," said John Tedesco, a new board member. "We need new paradigms." But critics accuse the new board of pursuing an ideological agenda aimed at nothing less than sounding the official death knell of government-sponsored integration in one of the last places to promote it. Without a diversity policy in place, they say, the county will inevitably slip into the pattern that defines most districts across the country, where schools in well-off neighborhoods are decent and those in poor, usually minority neighborhoods struggle.
The NAACP has filed a lawsuit. Wake County's school superintendent has resigned in protest. His expected replacement is a Tea Party activist and retired general. 

GLAAD Angry About Westboro Radio Deal

The Westboro Baptist Church has agreed not to picket the funeral of the federal judge murdered in Saturday's massacre in Arizona. In return, a nationally syndicated radio show will give Westboro airtime to broadcast their repulsive message. GLAAD wants the deal called off.
This week Westboro has reacted to the tragedy in Tucson with messages like "God Sent the Shooter." Giving airtime to this malicious group is like negotiating with terrorists. Except in this case, Westboro is being incentivized by being provided with an outlet to broadcast their hate to thousands of others. While countless radio stations and media outlets around the country are properly paying tribute to the fallen and taking a serious look at the tragedy in Tucson, KXXT-AM and CFNY-FM have decided to renege on their responsibility as broadcasters by rewarding one of the most anti-American groups in the country. Make your voice heard. Tell KXXT-AM and CFNY-FM that rewarding hateful behavior doesn't work and demand that they immediately rescind their offer of airtime to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) To Propose Bill Allowing Guns On Floor Of U.S. House

Teabagger Rep. Louie Gohmert says he will introduce a bill authorizing members of Congress to bring guns to work.
"It'd be a good thing for members of Congress who want to carry a weapon in the District," he said. "I know friends that walk home from the Capitol. There's no security for us," he said, adding that the measure would deter people from attacking members. "There is some protection in having protection." He said there were times during the health care debate last year that he felt afraid, including when a stranger approached him on the street and started screaming at him. Though Gohmert doesn't have a concealed weapon permit in Texas, he's long been a strong advocate for Second Amendment rights.
What could possibly go wrong? 

"Are these guys headed to the OK Corral?" "No, they're congressmen headed to the floor of the House of Representatives."
Glenn Beck Defends Three-Fifths Clause

How did I miss this? Glenn Beck managed to defend one of the most awful and ridiculous sections of the Constitution: the Three-Fifths Clause which defined slaves as three-fifths of a person for the purposes of congressional representation.


What do you think? Does Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) have the hots for Sarah Palin or is he just plain crazy?  Whichever it is, this guy has just moved the wingnut bar one notch higher.

"If every person in the world was like Sarah Palin, there probably wouldn't even be need for government because no one would be in danger of any kind.  If every person were like Sarah Palin, this world would be a peaceful, beautiful world to live in."

Actually, there would be all kinds of dangers in a Palin-cloned world, not the least one being the thrashing that common sense, honesty, intelligence and the English language would take.

Best line goes to the Politico reader who wrote of Franks:

Ooooooh. Another customer for my famous Sarah Palin Scratch and Sniff Calendar.

I've got a prize for the person coming up with the best ending to, "If every person in the world was like Sarah Palin, then [...]".  Take your best shot.


Here's how the tea party showed respect for our democracy.


It should be interesting to watch Republicans, and the NRA, and the Tea Party (which is the same thing as Republicans, just the far right fringe), argue that people SHOULD be allowed to carry guns within 1000 feet of a member of Congress or a judge at an event. More from Huff Post.


D-cap has an excellent post up looking at the state of our Union:


In just about ever[y] statistic that is measured, we are below average when compared to the rest of the world. The only place we come out as leaders of the pack are in military might and waging war - and even those two have not had a good ride as of late. Look at the state of education, health care, savings, tolerance, happiness, poverty, and manufacturing in this country - nothing we do anymore screams innovation or leadership. All it screams is how much money can it make for the investor class. The politicians can rile up the crowds with American exceptionalism all they want - all the facts prove they are wrong.


America in the 21st Century has become the land of delusional idiots.


Political Correction

POLITICO: What in the world does the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus do?

HARPER: We hunt liberal, tree-hugging Democrats, although it does seem like a waste of good ammunition.


The winger fixation with the idea of an attack on Sarah Palin is starting to creep me out. Erick Erickson (via Southern Beale):

Out there somewhere is someone who would love to kill Governor Palin. God forbid they do it. But you and I both know there is some crazy MSNBC watcher and Media Matters reader who even now is dreaming of doing so.

And should they try, we can be equally sure of something else. The left will be divided into two camps: (1) bitch deserved it and (2) not my fault.

It is unfortunate. I hope it never happens. But you and I both know the reality in which we live.

Glenn Beck to Palin:

I want you to know you have my support. But please look into protection for your family. An attempt on you could bring the republic down.

It sure sounds like they're hoping some attack will be made, whether because they fantasize about being victims or because they think it would be exciting to see if "the republic" would be brought down, I can't say.

I would not be shocked if Palin eventually makes up some crazy story about an attempted attack on her, maybe along the lines of the Ross Perot story about how the Viet Cong tried to put a hit on him.


Jill: Now let me see if I have the twisted Teabagger mindset straight: In Teabag America, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are victims because people say their rhetoric is unnecessarily inflammatory, but Gabrielle Giffords had it coming. 


rush limbaugh

Raw story: Clear Channel pulls Limbaugh's 'Straight Shooter' billboard in Tucson.


Hundreds dead, thousands homeless in Brazil. "More than 420 people have now been killed by flooding and mudslides in south-eastern Brazil, officials say. About 200 people have died in the town of Nova Friburgo, some 175 in Teresopolis and dozens more in Petropolis, media report. Thousands of people have been made homeless. Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral blamed local governments for allowing poor building and illegal occupations. President Dilma Rousseff has toured damaged areas in Nova Friburgo. She vowed that there would be "firm action" by the government."

Worst natural disaster in its history. "The Australian state of Queensland is facing a reconstruction task of "post-war proportions", as floods left swathes of it under water. State Premier Anna Bligh said the state was reeling from the worst natural disaster in its history. Powerful flood waters have surged through the state capital, Brisbane, leaving thousands of homes submerged. The floods peaked at a lower level than expected but more than 30 suburbs are under water. Huge amounts of debris - cars, boats and jetties - have been floating downstream, some smashing into bridges. One man died when he was sucked into a storm drain and two more deaths elsewhere were reported by Australian broadcaster ABC, bringing the toll from this week's flooding to 15, with dozens more missing."


The EPA yesterday "revoked the permit for one of the nation's largest mountaintop-removal coal mining projects," arguing "the mine would have done unacceptable damage to rivers, wildlife and communities in West Virginia." Arch Coal's proposed mine "would have buried miles of Appalachian streams under millions of tons of residue."


Many members of Congress are looking for increased security as they travel back to their districts for events, following the shootings in Arizona — but local law enforcement agencies may not be able to help due to widespread state and local budgeting problems. A quarter of U.S. cities have reported cutting their public safety budgets in the past year and 80 percent of them have 10 officers or less.


Mary Fallin Offend Constitution

Republican Oklahoma governor swears to "offend" the Constitution, blames cold weather for misstatement.

Meanwhile, the Republican governor of Minnesota continues his 'thoughtful discourse' by saying the US tilts every day, a little more toward tyranny. Oh, and he'll reinstate DADT when he's president.


On Louisiana coast, damage from oil goes much deeper than spill.


11 small eco homes.



Young pigs are seen in their pen at the Ebsen organic farm on January 13, 2011 in Langenhorn, Germany. Organic foods retailers are reporting a surge in demand following a recent contamination scandal. Investigators are pursuing a criminal investigation against the leading employees at Harles and Jentzsch - which announced some of the fatty proteins they had supplied to animal feed producers was tainted with dioxin. German authorities responded by barring 4,700 mostly poultry and hog farms from selling their products until laboratory tests could guarantee them dioxin free. Organic farms have thus far been immune from the scandal since they use no industrially-produced animal feed. By Joern Pollex/Getty Images.


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