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Headlines - Thursday October 27

From Daily Kos' David Waldman via Twitter:
Next time I hear about how vets fight to protect our rights, I'll remember the one they shot in the head for actually exercising them.
The Oakland Police are reportedly doing a preliminary review of whether it was appropriate to shoot an Iraq war vet in the head with "non lethal" ammunition that has him in critical condition. I hope they also explain why it was necessary for one particular officer to throw an explosive device at a small crowd of protesters trying to administer first aid to the wounded vet.  Absolutely sickening what the city of Oakland has done.
Any budget plan that does not start with ending the war spending and significantly increasing taxes on the richest should be DOA. In case the political class missed it, a few people around the country are upset with the extreme class warfare waged against the middle and lower classes. Americans can be fair with cuts but there's been nothing fair about the handouts to the rich and cuts for everyone else that we've experienced since the Reagan years.

You know the right wing is painfully desperate and terrified right now when they play the ACORN card on Occupy Wall Street.  Steve Benen:

About a year ago, there was an unintentionally amusing survey from Public Policy Polling that found 23% of Republicans nationwide feared ACORN may help Democrats steal the election.

ACORN, of course, permanently closed its doors in March 2010, six months before the poll was taken. Groups can't steal elections if they don't exist.

Here we are now, more than a year and a half later, and ACORN is but a memory. But Fox News would have its audience believe the non-existent group is still up to no good. Today's Fox News headline reads: "EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in 'Occupy' Movement."

I hereby propose Zandar's Law:  whenever the right pulls out ACORN to try to discredit anything, they have automatically lost the argument.  It's literally all they've got left at this point, after calling OWS supporters racists, bigots, anti-semites, soshulists, parasites, anarchists, criminals, mobsters, thugs, terrorist sympathizers, potheads, Soros puppets and welfare queens for the last month and some change and Americans still support the movement, we've finally arrived at minions of Sauron ACORN.

Awesome.  You lose, Entire Right Wing Full Of Douchebags. 


Can we please stop this talk about how rich people are rich people because they work harder than the rest of us? Seriously...who is the last person, other than Steve Jobs, that you can think of who started out in a working class family and through smarts and hard work became part of the 1%? Most small businesses limp along, one bad year away from folding. (Link is to NYT)


Biggest. Scam. Going. This is already happening in Illinois, and if we don't raise hell about it now, before it's too late, it will happen everywhere. Big companies in Illinois are pocketing the portion of taxes that they withhold from employees paychecks that should be going to the state to build roads and bridges and schools and employ teachers and cops and firefighters. And it's all perfectly legal because the companies extorted the state into letting them legally rob the accounts the fund the public safety operations that allow their companies to operate in a safe and secure environment. What the fuck?



We warned you that infiltrators would try to embarrass Occupiers. "James O'Keefe would be proud. ... A conservative blogger has been accused of trying to give out marijuana bongs and Che Guevara rolling papers in Zuccotti Park in order to make Occupy Wall Street protesters look criminal. ... New York City resident Joey Boots captured video of Evan Coyne Maloney being confronted by protesters after he allegedly tried to pass out the paraphernalia. At one point, Maloney is seen trying to hand a protester a pack of rolling papers with the image of Che Guevara. ... "You're a Fox News guy trying to make us all look bad with your anti-liberal -- He just gave out -- He's trying to give people bongs to make us look bad!" the protester shouted. "Over there they gave out bongs. He's like, 'You answer, here's a bong.' Trying to get that one shot... All [Maloney's assistant] had was bongs, peace signs with marijuana and Che Guevara rolling papers. Three things when Fox News gets it, they'll just clip that then it's just like protesters accept it." ... "Do you have bongs and marijuana leaf pictures and stickers and Che Guevara?" Boots asked. "Are you giving it out? Do you have it in that backpack?" ... "We got ourselves some Che Guevara rolling papers," Maloney admitted as he tried to hand a pack to a protester. "We're giving these away." ... "Are we going to expect to see those pictures on Fox News?" Boots wondered. ... "I don't know if they'll pick it up," Maloney replied. "Maybe you'll see it on CNN.""


The OWS protests are primed to become one of the the biggest and most widespread social movements of all time and there's nothing I like better than to see people coming together in the faces of the nonproductive bloodsucking vampires who are intent on sucking this country and the world dry.

But let's face it people... nothing is going to work until WE. STOP. BUYING. THEIR. CRAP!

I've said it before and yes, I'm going to say it again.  We buy far too much junk we don't NEED and go we go far too many places we don't NEED to go.  We're a nation of mindless fricking consumer bots who have been programmed since birth to put all our money in the pockets of... and get our asses kicked by... pampered lameassed parasites who wouldn't last two minutes on a level playing field.

You'll notice that not a goddamned one of the snickering motherhumpers standing on those balconies, sipping expensive wine and sneering down at the crowds under those windows has dared to come down and meet with any of the ordinary citizens who are... by their mere presence underneath those balconies... standing for all of us.

The one percent doesn't understand anything that does not impact their cash flow.  Unless it makes or loses them a buck or two, it doesn't even register.  And the only way were going to have any kind of impact at all is if we simply stop buying their cheap crap and start using our money for they things we and our families NEED and not what the trillion fricking dollar advertising industry tells us we need.

You've got to stop worrying about keeping up with the fricking Jones  family and start taking care of YOUR family.  Sooner or later old Jones will come to that conclusion himself but right now, he's not your worry.

You start buying only what you need, traveling only where you need to go, maybe skipping a ball game of a car race or two... that's when the penthouse bastards will realize you mean business.  Until then, as long as you keep dumping money in their pockets by the shovelful they aren't going to give a rat's ass what you think no matter how many online petitions you sign or how many letters you write your probably corrupt whore in Congress who measures who he or she is responsible to by the amount of money they can generate.

Time to put your money where your mouth is.  Or at least somewhere besides in the bank accounts of the bloodsucking one percent.  Start making a list of things you could probably do without... at least for a while... and start doing without them.  You WILL get their attention.  


Dim-bulb weirdo Orly Taitz has done it! She (barely?) managed to fill in most of the spaces on one of those U.S. Senator job application forms with a few hard-won manual scribbles and then decided to add "Dr." before her name in the top left margin space, to make it seem serious. Comedy thanks you, Orly! READ MORE » 



Wisco: When Republicans Say They Can't Create Jobs, Maybe We Should Believe Them








"If you want education you better include the fear of God, if you want to be a good scientist you better include the fear of God, if you want to be a good musician—1962, '63, the U.S. Supreme Court in three decisions said no more fear of God in education, we want education to be secular. All right, that's a theological issue. How's that working out? In 1962, '63, America was number one in the world in literacy, we are now number sixty-five in the world in literacy. We don't have the fear of the Lord, because guess what, we don't have knowledge, it goes down." - "Historian" and dominionist David Barton, who says the Bible should be the basis of all school courses.


Woops! Here's another Republican excuse for why the Job Creators aren't creating, ya' know, jobs, that completely falls apart after close scrutiny.

Obama's White House approved 613 federal rules during the first 33 months of his term, 4.7 percent fewer than the 643 cleared by President George W. Bush's administration in the same time frame, according to an Office of Management and Budget statistical database reviewed by Bloomberg. [...]

In the last 12 months through the end of September, the cost range of new regulations is estimated to be $8 billion to $9 billion, a decrease from 2010, according to non-partisan Government Accountability Office reports analyzed by Bloomberg[…]

The record [cost of regulations] came in 1992 under George H.W. Bush when that total hit $20.9 billion in current dollars. In the last year of Ronald Reagan's term it was $16 billion in today's dollars.

So much for those "job-killing" regulations snuffing out the life of the Job Creators.

The Obama Administration has implemented fewer regulations than the Bush Administration did at this point, and the cost of those regulation has been far lower than any previous administration dating back to the presidency of Saint Reagan.

Was Ronald Reagan a job-killing regulator?


One of the funniest Colbert segmets in recent memory.


25 reasons why police never showed up to tea party rallies.


Bob Cesca: The fruits of the trickle down tree.


GRAPHIC: A Timeline Of GOP Economic Sabotage


Missouri Public School Teacher: We Need More Gay Kids To Kill Themselves

Yet another teacher is in trouble for posting viciously anti-gay comments to Facebook. The school board is investigating, but Family Research Council head Tony Perkins says this is just another witchhunt by intolerant radical homofascists. First Amendment! More dead gay kids! Praise! Glory!

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