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August 1

Psycho Police Chief suspended without pay, residents say they "don't feel safe with him around"



The latest in the Christie/Paul Jr. mudfight (via):

"I find it interesting that Senator Paul is accusing us of having a gimme, gimme, gimme attitude toward federal spending when in fact New Jersey is a donor state, we get 61 cents back on every dollar we send to Washington," Christie said. "And interestingly Kentucky gets $1.51 on every dollar they sent to Washington."

Perhaps I'm confused, but I thought Chris Christie wanted to win a Republican primary. The primaries that matter are in taker states, like Kentucky, not maker states like New Jersey. Can Christie win by rubbing the Teatards' noses in the fact that they are living in welfare state that sustains itself by a regular, vigorous suckling at the federal sugar teat? Even those benighted morons must realize that Kentucky's $1.51 isn't all welfare queens driving Cadillacs and young bucks buying t-bones with food stamps. Can they handle the fact that their diabetes test strips, Medicare scooters and Marlboro-yellowed dentures are financed by coastal elite secular humanists who receive a mere $.61 for every hard-earned dollar they send to DC?


Federal Judge Says Catholic Church Can Hide Assets From Abuse Victims, For Freedom


What is this world even coming to when two white New York Police Department officers are "disciplined" — that is, placed on "modified duty" and didn't even get to keep their guns!!!1! – just for ordering a black off-duty three-star police chief, with his ID around his neck, out of his department vehicle with his hands in the air? READ MORE »


Glenn Beck Can't Wait For Rush Limbaugh Memorials All Over America


"Actually, I didn't say that ...That's how it began to be perceived, and so I had to ultimately respond to the perception, because perception is reality."--  Thurston the Liar, saying he never said that about the 47%  Video of him saying that



Stuart Varmint tells The Dumb One that food stamps for seniors is nothing more than Prexnint Carebear buying votes. Really, he said that. (Raw Story)


Your Daily benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI! - Newly confirmed FBI Director James Comey is already getting demands from senators Grandpa Walnuts, Senatorette Huckleberry Closetcase, and Not Joe Lieberman to "open an aggressive investigation" into the famous attack. (Livewire)


The timing just couldn't be worse. The administration "made public a previously classified order that directed a company identified by U.S. officials as Verizon Communications to turn over a vast number of Americans' phone records" today, in a bid to give the issue a little more transparency. Unfortunately, that order came the on same day we learned that domestic surveillance was much worse than we knew. The Verizon order now looks trivial in the grand scheme of things. To make matters worse, tomorrow he meets with lawmakers critical of the program.


A new Pew poll shows that the majority of Republican voters think their party hasn't been insane enough lately. 54% think the party needs to move in a "more conservative direction," while a plurality believe they've "compromised too much." Writes Steve Benen, "It's not uncommon for political observers to wonder aloud why GOP officials can't move towards the mainstream, rebrand into a more sensible and pragmatic political party, and reclaim their lost legacy as a party interested in governing. The answer, apparently, is that their own voters don't want this to happen at all." 


George Zimmerman was stopped for speeding recently -- which wouldn't be news if the report didn't include the fact that he had a gun in his glove compartment. The guy's infamously trigger happy, so his continued gun-toting may not end well.


I can't improve on the the description of this story given by its headline: "Fewer Than Ten People Show Up For Ex-Gay Pride Event That Expected to Draw 'Thousands'." The photos are almost sad -- until you remember that these nutjobs ruin people's lives. Then it's not sad at all.


House GOP to Tell a Series of Fart Jokes Before Going On Vacation

Apparently it took congressional Republicans more than a month to come up with this brilliant plan where they will make fools of themselves by passing the legislative equivalent of fart jokes.

What the Republicans have dubbed "Stop Government Abuse Week" will conclude after Republicans vote to repeal Obamacare for the 40th time. And according to the Washington Post, House leaders actually rushed a vote on the farm bill earlier this month to leave enough time to vote on these "scandal bills."

Representatives plan to vote on at least 10 bills connected to the theme of the week and featuring flashy titles such as "Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act" and "Stop Playing on Citizen's Cash Act."

The collection includes the STOP IRS Act — with STOP standing for "Stop Targeting Our Politics" — which is sponsored by Rep. James B. Renacci (R-Ohio), who wants the IRS to fire any employees "who take official actions for political purposes." [...]

There's a bill that would impose a moratorium on IRS conference spending until the agency implements recommendations made by its inspector general. Another bill would prohibit any pay bonuses for federal employees for the rest of fiscal year 2013 and to cap bonuses at a maximum of 5 percent of salary through the end of fiscal 2015. [...]

Rep. Todd C. Young (R-Ind.) is sponsoring the Regulations From theExecutive in Need of Scrutiny Act — REINS Act, for short — that would essentially give Congress final say on the implementation of major new federal regulations. [...]

And there is a proposal to prohibit the IRS from implementing or enforcing any aspect of the 2010 health-care reform law, which could mark the 40th time in recent years that the House has voted to repeal, defund or deconstruct the new law.

The Stop Targeting Our Politics Act. The Executives in Need of Scrutiny Act. The Stop Playing on Citizen's Cash Act.

All that's missing is the Stop Casting Aspersions On My Asparagus Act.

The irony of dubbing this "Stop Government Abuse Week" is probably lost on them as they go on to abuse the government. Abuse the power they've been given.

The House defense appropriations bill is a mess. The farm bill is an abomination. There is no agreement on funding the federal government beyond September. Immigration reform has been delayed. And their last act before going on vacation for a month is to pass a series of bills that serve absolutely no purpose beyond legislating their political campaign.


Do Nothing

Here's another item we can add to the list of things Republicans have failed to accomplished before embarking on "Government Abuse Week."

A $44.1 billion omnibus appropriations bill for the departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development was pulled from the floor of the House today because it didn't garner enough support from either party. via The Hill

[Rep. Hal Rogers] said House Republicans had effectively abandoned the budget resolution from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) that they passed in April, and said they should now seek a way to restore agency budget cuts.

"With this action, the House has declined to proceed on the implementation of the very budget it adopted just three months ago. Thus, I believe that the House has made its choice: sequestration — and its unrealistic and ill-conceived discretionary cuts — must be brought to an end. And, it is also clear that the higher funding levels advocated by the Senate are also simply not achievable in this Congress." [...]

The office of Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said the House simply ran out of time to finish the bill, but with the chamber scheduled to leave for a five-week August recess on Friday, it likely won't come up again until the fall, if at all.

Why did they run out of time? It's only Wednesday, isn't it? They aren't leaving town until Friday.

If they ran out of time, it's because the rest of this week will be dedicated to passing the Don't Cast Aspersions On My Asparagus Act and a series of other nonsensical legislative fart jokes.

Drafting appropriations bills in the House has been made more difficult because Republican leadership has dictated that all bills must fit within the Paul Ryan Path to Poverty budget framework which would balance the budget in 10 years. This as affected passage of the defense appropriations bill as well as the farm bill and transportation bill.

To put it more simply — Republicans have wasted immense amounts of time drafting and passing (sometimes not passing) appropriation bills intended to carry out Paul Ryan's Grand Design piece by piece.

None of it has been signed into law yet, and none of it will be. Continuing resolutions will be the only thing that keep the government running through the Fall and into Winter unless the Republicans finally dump Paul Ryan.

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