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In a blog entry he titled "Moment of Truth", Fox news VP John Moody said this:
"If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain's quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting."
Uh oh.
Alleged victim confesses she made it up.
Best comment on Moody's article:
"Yes, Mr. Moody, this is a moment of truth, but not for Pittsburgh. It is a moment of truth for the Republican wingnuts at Fox News to look themselves in the mirror. What will they see? A young woman so misguided by their propaganda that she will mutilate her own face. Moment of truth indeed."
Update: Ms. Todd blames the media for "blowing this into a political firestorm." 

So, little Ashley cooked up her numbskulled little plot to hurt Obama's electoral chances - which in itself connotes that she'd be looking for media attention - and she's upset with the media?

My God. By current republican standards, she could run for vice-president some day.
Gov. Palin's astonishing claim?
She's a smart, "intellectual" dame.
That gal may be bright
And quite tough in a fight,
But her intellect's woefully lame.
"The current financial crisis is a "once-in-a-century credit tsunami." Alan Greenspan, who has led the U.S. central bank for more than 18 years.
Raise your hand if you didn't think this was coming: Bush administration signals it will intervene in election if necessary.
Bush is asking his tainted Justice Department to look into whether 200,000 Buckeye State poll-goers must use provisional ballots on Election Day because their names do not match state databases.
This is a manufactured "issue" designed to play into the fears of Red America about hordes of brown-skinned people flocking to the polls to vote their own interests instead of the interests of White America -- as if people's interests somehow diverge with skin color.
Don't forget, this same Justice Department fired U.S. attorneys for not investigating so-called "voter fraud" that never existed
Florida steals more than your vote
A Boca Raton defense contractor and prominent GOP fundraiser inflated the profits on contracts to provide fuel to the U.S. military in Iraq, costing taxpayers as much as $180 million, congressional investigators concluded in a letter released Thursday.

The Democratic leader of a congressional oversight committee said International Oil Trading Co. - co-owned by Harry Sargeant, a longtime friend of Gov. Charlie Crist and the finance chairman of the Florida Republican Party - has a virtual monopoly on military fuel contracts, allowing the company to earn twice as much in profits as past suppliers.
Are there any honest Republicans?
If you enjoyed cronyism in the Bush administration, vote for McCain-Palin. Sarah takes care of her peeps.

Some of her appointments make "Heckuva Job Brownie" look like Einstein. My favorite is Franci Havemeister, another of Palin's childhood friends, who was made director of the Alaska State Agriculture Division. Havemeister was previously a part time real estate agent who stated a childhood love of cows as a qualification for the job.



According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the decision by the Mormon leadership to enter politics in California and fuse themselves with the Christianist coalition is splitting the LDS church apart.
Mormon Church Marries Karl Rove:
If you can, throw a few bucks to No on 8, I did.
Sci-fi author Orson Scott is one sick dude: 
Here's a preview of what the Republican party will look like for the forseeable future.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge said today that John McCain can't become president without carrying Pennsylvania and that the race would be different if McCain had chosen him as his running mate.

"I think the dynamics would be different in Pennsylvania," Ridge said when asked if he should have been chosen to run as vice president over Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. "I think we'd be foolish not to admit it publicly."

Ridge, the campaign's national co-chairman, said McCain "had several good choices and I was one of them."

Of course, Mr. Duct Tape And Plastic Sheeting is a Republican, and as a result he completely contradicts himself within the space of one sentence.

Ridge nonetheless defended the Palin selection as "excellent" and called it a "typical, bold McCain-like choice."

The color-coded humor scale is red, red, red.
Wanna see idiocy in full gallop?
Keep religion away from the ballot: 
McCain-Palin is dragging the entire Republican Party down the toilet with it. Last night the Politico reported on GOP warnings of a rout.
An internal document circulating among House Republicans warns of an impending congressional bloodbath, listing 58 Republican-held House seats being at risk, and 11 already considered as good as gone. As many as 34 GOP-held seats are in serious jeopardy of swinging to Democrats, the assessment shows.
I would rather the Democrats win far fewer seats as long as they are real Democrats, not these phony nominal ones from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party who are just as bad as actual Republicans. How do you know who the real ones are? Someone did the work for you. 

Must see: Wassup?
Brent Budowsky: Why the adoring pundits missed the collapse of John McCain
According to the East Valley Tribune, Phoenix

A plumbing license is not the only license "Joe the Plumber" is having troubles with. The former Mesa resident has a suspended driver's license and outstanding court fines in Arizona, according to Mesa Municipal Court records.

The man portrayed by McCain to be the typical, hardworking American revealed this week that he actually does not have a plumbing license, and now court records show he should not have a driver's license either, making it potentially even harder for him to get to work.

Wurzelbacher, who lived in Mesa in 2000 and had an Arizona driver's license, had his driver's license suspended by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division on May 4, 2000, following a nonpayment of a court-imposed fine for civil traffic violations, according to court records.

America's new political icon, who owes nearly $1,200 in back taxes, according to public records, still owes more than $700 to the Mesa court system.

When history spanks
Mark Morford's keyboard is on fire this week!
Daddy Dobson hits the gas, propelling himself into the future to show us the debacle that awaits American when the homos take control after an Obama presidency. It's a 16-page melodrama - PDF is here.
2012 sounds like heaven to me. Thanks, Mr. Dobson!
Bastards until the very end: The Bush administration is trying again to take the gray wolf of the northern Rockies off the federal endangered species list.
4,186 soldiers killed in Iraq; 622 in Afghanistan.
Iraq's government has an unusual money problem. It can't spend its oil riches fast enough. So some idiot in our government decided spending $339 million in US money to teach them how to spend their oil wealth would be a good idea.
How about we cut the spigot of taxpayer money off and see how quickly they figure out how to spend their oil money?   
These wingnuts really are unbelievable.

First Ashley Todd was the innocent flower of snowy white virginal Republican Christian womanhood defiled by the Negro Savage, and now that her story didn't fly, and she's outlived her usefulness to the wingnuts,
now she's an Obama plant.
If Barack Obama manages to prevail through all this insanity, we have about five minutes to quaff a chardonnay in his honor. Then we've got to spend every waking hour for the next (hopefully eight) year protecting him from these people.
Wingnut sites should be avoided, but click over to this one. Note the "Edgar Cayce prediction" in the right-hand sidebar.

If people got visits from Secret Service for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts, why isn't this guy getting one for "predicting" the assassination of Barack Obama?

Anne Hathaway's ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, (shown here with John McCain) ...
... has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison this Friday after being pleading guilty to one count of conspiring to commit wire fraud, eight counts of wire fraud and five counts of money laundering.
Follieri had good connections to both McCain and Rick Davis, for whom he had promised to "deliver Catholic votes", and was the host of John McCain's 70th birthday party, celebrated onboard the yacht of another dodgy character - a Russian oligarch who pretty much owns the tiny state of Montenegro.

In mid-September The Nation's website published a photo of McCain celebrating his seventieth birthday in Montenegro in August 2006 at a yacht party hosted by convicted Italian felon Raffaello Follieri and his movie-star girlfriend Anne Hathaway. On the same day one of the largest mega-yachts in the world, the Queen K, was moored in the same bay of Kotor. This was where the real party was. The owner of the Queen K was known as "Putin's oligarch": Oleg Deripaska, controlling shareholder of the Russian aluminum giant RusAl, currently listed as the ninth-richest man in the world, with a rap sheet as abundant as his wealth. By mid-2005 Deripaska had already virtually taken control of Montenegro's economy by snapping up its aluminum plant, KAP--which accounts for up to 40 percent of the country's GDP and some 80 percent of its export earnings--in a nontransparent privatization tender strongly criticized by NGO watchdogs, Montenegrin politicians and journalists. The Nation has learned that Deripaska told one of his closest associates that he bought the plant "because Putin encouraged him to do it." The reason: "the Kremlin wanted an area of influence in the Mediterranean."

Deripaska is himself involved in some political scandal right now - involving both a high level Labour Party cabinet minister, Lord Peter Mandelson who was one of Tony Blair's closest advisors and the current shadow chancellor, the Conservative Party's George Osborne. Both McCain and his campaign manager, Rick Davis have dubious ties to Deripaska too. Other McCain campaign advisers, lobbyists to a man, have their own shady connections.

John McCain keeps saying he's a reformer and a maverick with no time for the incestuous and often shady dealings of the K Street crowd - but his actions speak louder than his words.


Some fundies aren't aware of cached pages. Like the homeschool mom that was the inspiration for the Dear crazy Christian lady  letter. Here's one in all its wretched glory from Pastor Anderson, calling for intolerance:

It is time that preachers and Baptist people take a stand against the Sodomite freaks and turn off the television that tries to shove their perversion down our throat. God help a generation of Christians that does not think that homosexuality is "that bad." We need a revival of old-fashioned righteous indignation and hatred for sin and perverts.

This is the face of fundamentalist Christian love. These are the sorts of people extorting companies that support No on Prop 8.  

And they want to run this country.


Why does she keep wearing that polar bear pin when she refuses to acknowledge that the polar bears are drowning and she fought their designation as an endangered species.?

I can only assume that her wearing of that pin is a signal to her fellow animal haters that if she's elected she'll open up aerial hunting for polar bears too. After all, this came out of her administration:

The Board of Game, which she appoints, has approved the killing of black bear sows with cubs as part of the program and expanded the aerial control programs

And of course aerial gunning of wolves.

Fun fact: Sarah Palin's makeup person is being paid $11,400 a week.

What must she look like under that $45,000 a month in makeup?



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