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Headlines - Sunday

The state of Utah, that didn't vote for Obama, and whose reps all voted against the stimulus package (except the one Democrat), is bellying up to the trough to get $2.9 million of stimulus money for their medical clinics! Spectacular!  
The clinic in Bicknell got $154,155!
Once forced to resign in massive fraud case, Rick Scott reborn as leader of anti-healthcare reform lobby:
You might want to think about planting a garden
A new film, Food, Inc., will be shown at several film festivals this spring and summer and will open in select theaters across the U.S. Here's a clip:                                                         
The Age of Reverse Darwinism is upon us

Reverse Darwinism

Each morning I read my newspaper - the one already on the endangered species list - and get validation of the theory that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. But lately, I've seen cracks in that previously sacrosanct notion. It seems that truth is now so weird it doesn't even make good fiction.

We've entered an age where Darwinism is derided as mere "theory" subordinate to the "truth" contained in a book of implausible fables designed to scare the caftans off ancient peoples. We're in the age of Reverse Darwinism – an epoch wherein our slow upward evolution is giving way to rapid devolution. By this time next year, everyone will lope about in a simian, half-erect posture like a crafty chimp saving rocks to chuck at intelligence-challenged zoo visitors. A year after that we'll be single-celled fossils brought to life in a primordial soup. A year after that the sea and simple plant life will devour the Earth. A year after that and the Big Bang will be nothing but a galactic whimper recapturing the rock called Earth.

How do I know this? Just look around.

The Parade of Stupendous Stupidity:


When David Addington, 'Cheney's Cheney', learned that he may soon be subject to arrest in 24 European countries for war crimes, he decided to take his family on vacation this summer to Wally World.
Giant seabird's fossilized skull found in Peru.
Can't we make Texas secede?

It isn't bad enough that Texas, in the form of the Texas GOP Platform, gave us wars, famine, pestilence, and a global economy it broke into thousands of little pieces. It wasn't enough that it shoved George W Bush, Iraq, torture, unprecedented corporate corruption, the egregious executions of innocent men, and the likes of Tom DeLay and John Cornyn down our throats. No, now it wants to force creationism into our schools by forcing it into Texas textbooks. 

Is there no end to Texan perfidy? Why can't they leave the rest of us alone?


Check out what a Brazilian archbishop has to say about the holocaust:

"The Jews talk about six million people killed. But how many Catholics were victims of the Holocaust? They were 22 million in all."

Huh? About 3 million Catholics were killed by the Nazi regime in camps…but it wasn't for being Catholic. It was for being Polish. I don't know where this mysterious "22 million" number comes from — there were 42 million total civilian casualties in World War II. Is he trying to include every single dead Catholic as a direct victim of the Holocaust? Since by far the largest fraction of the casualties in that war were borne by the Soviet Union, shouldn't we then be complaining that atheists were the true martyrs? (Not that I would, I think the reasoning of this archbishop is specious.)

"Our road to recovery is easier than AA's: only three steps instead of twelve. That's a 75% reduction!"
Michelle Malkin is a hypocrite
Back in 2006, Michelle Malkin decided to publish the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of three UC Santa Cruz students who led a protest against military recruiters on their campus. When the students got pounded by threats of violence, Malkin washed her hands of it, saying that it's up to individuals how they respond to the information she has made public.

Then in 2007, Michelle Malkin stalked the family of a twelve year-old boy who almost died in a car wreck, even going to their home. Her point? That they owned things and thus didn't need SCHIP.

In her latest "column", she is outraged at the idea that people would be angry enough to threaten violence or suggest punishments for AIG executives. Scrawls Malkin, "The radical ACORN mob and its corporate shakedown allies chartered a bus — with twice as many outrage-stoking MSM photographers in tow — to menace AIG executives in their homes." Imagine. Going to harass people you think are evil at their homes. Malkin also cites "the families who received [death] threats through AIG's website." It must give her the vapors.

The point here is not about AIG's employees or mob rule. The point is that if you yourself have whipped the mob into a frenzy and been lead torch carrier when it suits your purposes, then you've probably lost the moral high ground on the issue. 

It's ok to cry about the Bush-wrecked stock market. Get yourself a Dow Jones Hanky for just $28 here.

You can watch Glenn Beck on tv, listen to him on the radio, and buy him by the bottle.
Another not miracle
So this little girl fell into a sinkhole and wasn't killed because she landed on a pipe, which kept her from dropping another 16 to 20 feet into the hole. Her mom's take? "She's got an angel watching." If I had an angel that let me fall into a sinkhole and I barely escaped with my life, I'd ask for a new angel. What, the angel couldn't have opened up the sinkhole before that kid fell into it?

This story reminds me of that skydiver woman who did a 50 MPH face-plant in a parking lot and lived. She claimed she was saved by a miracle and her god was looking out for her. Um, her god slammed her face first into a parking lot at 50 MPH. Her god hates her. A god who liked her would have opened her parachute properly.

Sounds Familiar   [James S. Robbins] National Review Online:

I was interested in the number of times Presdent (sic) Obama invoked 9/11 in his Afghanistan speech. Wasn't that something President Bush took a lot of guff for from the left? And given the number of snarky cheap shots he took at Bush, the substance of Obama's strategy seems little different than that which was laid out in 2004.

For the last time, you blockhead ....Bush caught hell from both the left and the sane people on the right for saying "9/11" and "turrest"  in the context of Iraq because Iraq didn't have one thing to do with 9/11 and we all knew he was lying to our faces, and it pissed us off.

President Obama gets to cite 9/11 in the context of Afghanistan because, you know, that is where Osama bin Laden was hangin' out and recording his little messages and plotting to kill 3000 of us using our own planes and he found safe haven there. And Bush blew him off. Stopped thinking about him.  Went and settled a personal score instead.  Killed a million Iraqis, and in the process pissed away three trillion dollars that he funded with tax cuts and unicorns, and got over 4000 Americans killed.  All the while citing 9/11 and lying about connections between the secular Hussein and the fundamentalist freakshow that is al Qaeda.  

And we knew the mangy cur was lying, but gullible morons bought his phony, folksy brand of bullshit and shouted down the sane people who were right all along and fearmongered the hell out of a tragedy he had a chance to stop and didn't.  And then he let the bad guys get away and went off to start an unjust, illegal war.  

How insulting to the memory of that day.

But he wasn't done yet.  He neglected Afghanistan, and that allowed the fundamentalist freaks who throw acid in the faces of little girls who have the temerity to want to learn to read to make a comeback.  You know - the enablers of bin Laden and his merry band of murderers.  Those guys.  They were all but crushed.  Now they're back.  Because Bush ignored Afghanistan. What about this do these deliberately obtuse jackasses not understand?  

So no. They don't get to pull this crap because it isn't the same thing. And indolent, intellectually dishonest assholes like James Robbins need to be set straight every single time they try this crap.   

Because it isn't the same thing.  

Not even close.



Don Davis - GOP leadership to replace busted ShamWow pitchman

"We've got the ultimate ShamWow - with the amazing reusable tax cuts, you can soak up all the resources in the country ...and actually leave a bigger mess!"


judge in Spain, who sought and caught Pinochet, has issued subpoenas for torture to Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, Douglas Feith, William Haynes, John Yoo and Jay Bybee.

Shocking news: torturing Abu Zubaida foiled no plots:


The rich are not that different from you and me


…they eat ramen noodles too. Harrod's Pot Noodles ($43) come in a hand-flocked gold leaf cup.


Kudos to you if you participated in Earth Hour last night - it was a big success:  


How many wars can we fight at the same time?

White House won't rule out sending troops for Pakistan war:



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