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Headlines - Tuesday

Forced-birthers link flu emergency to Sebelius cloture vote

Revealing that her understanding of public health alerts has not evolved from the Bush-generated panics over color-coded terror alerts and anthrax attacks, the head of Concerned Women for America, Wendy Wright, says, "some people" blame the Obama administration for the political timing of the swine flu alert, since it happened one day before today's cloture vote on the nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to head HHS, a critical department.http://oxdown.firedoglake.com/diary/5001


I think the religious right's newest bimbo mascot isn't going to be doing any more media for a while after this revelation. Alvin from Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters found the following (and lots more) on the Web site of Miss California's church:
There are also moral repercussions stemming from homosexual behavior as evidenced by the fact that one third of all sexual crimes against children are committed by homosexuals even though they are representative of only one percent of the population. Pedophilia has even been called central to the gay lifestyle. The agenda of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is to lower the age of consent so that sex with children will be legal.
For anyone living under a rock, the homosexuality-pedophilia canard was debunked three decades ago. What's worse, the "research" Miss C's church is quoting - they also claim that 30% of gay men will die or get AIDS by the time they're 30 - appears to come from a known hate group (as designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center) led by one Paul Cameron, a quack researcher thrown out of all the top professional societies in his field.

So, Miss California may have been influenced in her attitudes towards gays by the research of a known hate group. I can't wait for her next interview.

This is quite impressive:

General Electric says it has achieved a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100 DVDs.

The storage advance, which G.E. is announcing on Monday, is just a laboratory success at this stage. The new technology must be made to work in products that can be mass-produced at affordable prices.

But optical storage experts and industry analysts who were told of the development said it held the promise of being a big step forward in digital storage with a wide range of potential uses in commercial, scientific and consumer markets.

"This could be the next generation of low-cost storage," said Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering, a technology research firm.

I still laugh when I think about paying $196 bucks for 4 megs of ram to throw into my Gateway 2000 486 SX-33 to double the memory to 8 megs.

In 1992.


Blowjobs put our nation in peril - war crimes, not so much

The Weekly Yambag's Bill "Always Wrong" Kristol pulls another one out of his well-worn ass:

"We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history," President Obama said when he ordered the release of the Justice Department interrogation memos. Actually, no. Not at all. We were attacked on 9/11. We responded to that by using the Constitution as a beer-coaster and... what? Oh. The dark and painful chapter we have to fear is Obama's, in which politicians preen moralistically as they throw patriotic officials who helped keep this country safe to the wolves... Obama throws the door open to years of lawsuits and investigations that will do injustice to those who've served the country and will demoralize those still seeking to do so."

Yeah -- tell that to Bill Clinton, you hypocritical douchewad.


Analyzing the polls post-tea party shows Obama's approval has either been steady or has increased, right- and wrong-track significantly better, and the GOP has either declined or are still in the same sorry state...

There is a
warning sign for the GOP in the new poll: 21 percent of those surveyed said they identify as Republicans, the fewest to do so in a Post-ABC poll in more than 25 years.

[T]here are no signs of a dramatic rebound for the party, and the chance of Republicans winning control of either chamber in the 2010 midterm elections is zero. Not "close to zero." Not "slight" or "small." Zero.

"As a matter of reality, in the first 100 days, [the Republican't Party] has not done anything to improve its political position with regards to the fact that it has been a shrinking entity."

So much for the huge populist uprising! The sense of rebellion brewing!


Poll: majority of American-hatin' Minnesotans also hate Norm Coleman

A new Star-Tribune poll makes it pretty clear that the people of the North Star State have had it with their former Senator. 

Nearly two-thirds of Minnesotans surveyed think obstructionist asshat Norm Coleman should pack it in, for the love of God already, and concede the U.S. Senate race to Al Franken.

Yeah! God bless America.

Another belch from the black hole of stupid

Dueling headlines at freetardia today almost cause a blip in the space-time continuum:

  • Obama went golfing during swine flu public health emergency warning!!!!!1!
  • Obama to not let crisis go to waste with press conference @ 9AM this am per Fox News. What will TOTUS add that was not said yesterday.
  • BTW, 'TOTUS' = telepromper of the US. Sigh. This is why we can NEVER let up. Ever.

    Don't miss The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 363: The Ultimate Meltdown Edition. You know its bad for the GOP when a list entitled 'The Ultimate Meltdown' doesn't include appearances by regulars Glenn Beck or Sean Insanity.
    Majority of Americans give high marks to socialist commie
    In new polls, Prez Obama gets a high approval rating for his first three months in office, says Politico, wiping their raging butt-hurt with extra-quilted Charmin®.

    69 percent of America approve of Obama, + the highest 'right track' numbers in years.

    An ABC News poll released this morning shows that a vast majority -- 69 percent -- of Americans approve of President Obama and 72 percent view him favorably, "the best job approval rating at this point in 20 years, [and] the broadest personal popularity since Ronald Reagan."

    Fifty percent now say the United States is headed in the right direction, up 31 points since the end of the Bush administration.
    "Obama leads the Republicans in Congress in trust to handle the economy by a garish 61-24 percent."
    Meanwhile, Fair and Balanced (sic) Fox refuses to air President Barack Obama's primetime press conference on Wednesday night, scheduled to mark the president's 100th day in office: http://rawstory.com/08/blog/2009/04/27/for-fox-programming-american-idol-trumps-obamas-100th-day/
    "I swear to God, I'm going to arrest these guys!"

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