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Why we love Abu Ghraib torture - An Editorial in the Wash Whore Post Link

Excerpt: The Washington Post Editorial Page - keeper of all establishment Washington wisdom - today advocates 
that low-level CIA interrogators who went beyond John Yoo's torture guidelines, and only them, be criminally investigated and prosecuted by the Justice Department:

We reject the distorted interpretations that underpin the OLC memos and that serve as legal justification for harsh interrogation techniques that either border on or constitute torture. But those who relied on the 
memos and shaped their behavior in the good-faith belief that they were following the law should not be subject to prosecution.

That, in a nutshell, is the twisted Washington mentality when it comes to lawbreaking:  when political crimes become so blatant and extreme that they can no longer be safely excused (Watergate, Iran-contra, Abu Ghraib), then it's necessary to sacrifice some underlings who carried out the crimes by prosecuting them, but - no matter what 
else happens - the high-level political officials responsible for the crimes must be shielded from all accountability.



Buy your disappearing civil liberties coffee mug here. On the mug is written the entire Bill of Rights, but when you fill it with hot tea or coffee the parts negated by the USA Patriot Act disappear.

Be sure to check out the Global Warming mug too. The ocean starts spreading across the continent as ice caps melt and water levels rise.


Amy Goodman: Obama's Military Is Spying on US Peace Groups:


A dose of their own wingnut medicine

Birther billboardYeah, yeah, yeah. Two birther posts in two days. It may seem a little like overkill, but I've got to admit I find this all fascinating. What's especially entertaining about it is watching the conservative establishment realize what kind of nuts they have in their base. The bullheaded, willful ignorance of your average wingnut has always been something the right has counted on. From family planning to gays to economics to evolution to global warming, the right has relied on the base to be positively unbudgeable. They won't give an inch, no matter how absurd and ridiculous their position is proven to be. They're like a rock, both in their unchanging nature and their intellect. The Republican party has relied on persistently gullible fools for years and now it's finally caught up with them.
Oppressing the White Man

Kathleen Waligore

Mrs. Waligore,

In your
letter of support for Dr. David McKalip, you asked:

Why aren't more people taking to the streets [to oppose Obama] like they did in Iran?
It's an easy question to answer, really. The oppression of the white Christian man has become so pervasive, we are no longer capable of gathering up the courage needed to go to the streets.

Just look around, White people are being oppressed everywhere:
  • A policeman working for the Seattle Socialist Republic ignored a white man's pleas that he was simply exercising his constitutional rights and oppressed him for kicking a Vietnamese man.
  • The oppressors force a white man, Dr Dr. David McKalip, to resign from a heath care front group simply because he sent out a blast email featuring Obama as an African witch doctor.
  • The oppressors call a white man, Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge police, a racist after he arrests a black college professor,Henry Louis Gates Jr., for "disorderly conduct" in his own home.
  • Obama oppresses that white officer by calling the arrest, "stupid."
  • The oppressors force the Boston Police Department to suspend a proudly white officer for calling Gates a "jungle monkey."
  • Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor oppresses white Republican Senators by forcing them to ask stupid questions over and over again.
  • Black children oppress white children by swimming with them.
  • Oppressors unsuccessfully try to derail a 40-year-old woman's campaign to become chair of the Young Republicans simply because she defended racial slurs on her Facebook site.
So there's your answer. White people are so oppressed they're afraid to go to Tea Parties carrying signs comparing Obama to a monkey.

Heterosexually yours in a chaste, biblical, but very oppressed kind of way,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Stan Brock may be a bigger saint than Mother Teresa. But the fact that his Remote Area Medical program, originally conceived to provide volunteer medical, dental & vision care to destitute villages in the heart of the Amazon Basin, is currently devoting 60% of its mission to helping Americans is a national godsdamned disgrace:  

When notorious GOP family values sex-lizard and infamous closet case Idaho Senator Larry Craig was arrested for trolling for sex in an airport bathroom in 2007, many of us thought that ol' Wide-Stance was done for. The adage is that there are no second acts in American Politics, after all.

So imagine my delight and surprise to learn that Larry "peek-a-boo" Craig is back in business. Yes, he has started a consulting firm in Idaho, and he has four – count 'em – four clients!


Matt Taibbi on the impending death of health care reform.


This whole business, it was a litmus test for whether or not we even have a functioning government. Here we had a political majority in congress and a popular president armed with oodles of political capital and backed by the overwhelming sentiment of perhaps 150 million Americans, and this government could not bring itself to offend ten thousand insurance men in order to pass a bill that addresses an urgent emergency. What's left? Third-party politics?


Here's racist former cop Mark Fuhrman, convicted of perjury in the O.J. Simpson murder trial and found to be prejudiced toward minorities and female cops while serving as a police officer, goes on Sean Insanity:

HANNITY: What does it say about Professor Gates? Is he the one that racially profiled here?

FUHRMAN: First, there's no racial profiling. That's the most — that's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard anybody say.

HANNITY: Did he have a racial predisposition?

FUHRMAN: He couldn't have a racial predisposition unless somehow the radio gives him pictures of people before he gets there.

Fun fact: 2 years ago Fuhrman went on Hannity & Colmes and said that the "people" he "dealt with…for 20 years" will "kill somebody and go have some chicken at KFC."

And to prove there is no racism in this country....

Boston cop apologizes - he didn't mean to use 'banana-eating jungle monkey in a racist way':


Tanning beds: they're like cigarettes for your skin! [ABC News]


Give Barack Obama money, because health care reform hasn't happend yet!


So first they want money, because their massive majorities and executive positions in several thousand wings of government have been unable to finish a bill. "Your donation will help us to keep training volunteers, hiring organizers, running ads, organizing local events, bringing constituent voices straight to Congress, and make sure real-life stories are heard louder than the lobbyists' spin," this stupid evil e-mail from Hell tells us, as though we are SIX-YEAR-OLD RETARDED CHILDREN FROM OUTER SPACE.

More here.


Once-proud paper continues descent into ignominy

Marking yet another milestone in its shameful decline, the WaComPo defends its coverage of the loony-tune birther movement. The BM, as it were.

Yesterday during an online chat, Washington Poo reporter Ben Pershing was asked why "birthers" and other idiotic conspiracy theorists such as those claiming that former top Clinton White House aide Vince Foster was murdered "get play on the real media" while others such as the "9/11 Truthers" don't. Pershing:
"Perhaps because there is an actual videotape of the planes hitting the World Trade Center that billions of people around the world have seen, while there is no videotape of Obama being born in Hawaii or Vince Foster committing suicide."
There's no videotape of Jeebus being born either, idiot.
Wait, you know what I mean.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!  The lunatics who think that the health reform package will lead to euthanasia and rationing believe that because of one lie told over and over again by one liar and repeated ad nauseum until it became accepted as an unchallenged truth in some gullible minds.  How this venal, craven succubus stretched a provision that would encourage senior citizens to have living wills and advanced directives in place and reviewed every five years - on Medicare's dime - into fear mongering about forced euthanasia of the elderly is beyond our ability to comprehend, but then, we're not wingnuts, so it isn't for us to understand.

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