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Headlines - Friday December 10

Sarah Palin Just Moments Before She Fired at a Caribou
and Hit Russia Instead
A new SurveyUSA poll of those who contributed to Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign finds that 74% are opposed to his deal with Republicans to extend the Bush-era tax breaks for those making over $250,000 a year.

The depth of opposition is severe with 51% saying they are less likely to contribute to Obama's reelection campaign in 2012. In addition, 57% say it makes them less likely to support congressional Democrats who support
this deal in 2012.
Yet some Obama loyalists insist he's doing a great job.
Internet Pirates Try To Take Down Our Greatest Institution: Sarah Palin
Deuces, haters!
Frequent victim of all things un-American Sarah Palin has told ABC News she and her husband, "Todd," a whale or polar bear or other some such, have been cyber-attacked by Operation Payback, the group of very nice people, we're sure, who attacked MasterCard and Visa yesterday for being mean to WikiLeaks. Palin criticized Julian Assange last week on Facebook, writing a missive last week that he has "blood on his hands" (from sex stuff) and is not a journalist (that is this woman's one and only job, deciding who and who isn't a journalist). Palin says her and Todd's credit cards and her PAC's website were attacked. But just how much child pornography did they send her?

It doesn't say, but it might even be none. Operation Payback seems pretty busy and perhaps doesn't quite have the sense of humor of 4chan. Disappointing.

"No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange's antics," Palin emailed ABC News. "This is what happens when you exercise the First Amendment and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts."

Yes, it is un-American. Because he is not an American. That adjective does not apply to him, and it never has, so it doesn't really hurt him when you say he has lost it, ma'am.

Palin's PAC website was able to stay up, because somehow her computer people are more knowledgeable and capable of taking on a collective of hackers than the nation's financial companies and the cornerstones of America's consumer economy. Remember when that woman was only protected by a single, easy-to-guess Yahoo! password question?

Palin will probably find a way to take these people to court and make them serve time, just like she did with that kid who looked at her e-mails. Because she has the power to do such things, while the Justice Department does not. [ABC News]


From a comment board:
I voted for change and got it.
I voted for a centrist democrat for President and ended up with a rightist republican.

I voted for a man who over-promised and under-delivered.
I voted for hope and have despair.
We are everywhere


Julian Assange has been transferred to a segregation unit in prison but remains "quite chipper," his lawyers say, even as a cyber-war in support of him and Wikileaks continues to grow. Almost 35,000 people have reportedly downloaded software used to disable major sites. Using pseudonyms and taking votes through online chats, the group dubbed Anonymous has at least briefly brought down Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Postfinance, as well as the sites of the Swedish prosecutor who filed charges against Assange, Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman and possibly every U.S. senator. A look at how it works here.

"We are Everywhere. We are everyone. We are Anonymous." - "Tux"


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Treasury Blocks Legal Aid for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure 


The TAX EXEMPT Phelps clan planning to protest Elizabeth Edwards' funeral.

When I die, I sure as hell want to go wherever the fags, Elizabeth Edwards, and all the fallen soldiers are, as long as it's far away from wherever Phelps and his merry band of unholy assholes end up.

They call it hell; I call it a welcome respite from the extraordinarily evil hearts and minds of these relentless jerks.

Edwards's funeral is at 1 pm in Raleigh, NC at Edenton United Methodist. Already, people are organizing to form a human wall to buffer Elizabeth's friends and family as they mourn her passing. To find out what you can do to help, join the Wall of Peace Against Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page for details.

Phelps and Phucks have a First Amendment right to protest; everyone else has a First Amendment right to shout them down. It worked in Oklahoma—after Phelps and his crew had their tires slashed and could find no one willing to help them out, Phelps responded that there should be "woe unto Oklahoma."

Pfft. You should die unto a fire.

Westboro Baptist Church ladies and gentlemen, single handedly making the case for Atheism.


UTAH: Parents Upset Over Gay Suicide Signs Posted Near Elementary School

Administrators and parents at a Utah elementary school are upset because a man who lives adjacent to the school has posted the above signs.
Leonard Ridley lives next to Art City Elementary in Springville. He recently posted three signs on his fence, facing the playground after he read news about the recent rash of gay suicides. "The signs of course say stop gay suicide, tell the truth, gays are born gay," Ridley said. "I realized at that point that I was in an enviable location in back of the school and this would be an opportunity to provide information to the children tat would be carried to the adults in their lives, to the teachers, to their parents in particular and carry information concerning homosexuals and homosexuality that would perhaps contradict with the mistaken ideas that they already had."
Saying that many parents had complained, school officials said that suicide was an inappropriate subject for elementary school students. The city has declared that the size of the signs exceed zoning codes and Ridley has agreed to post only one sign at a time.


Seniors take note: House & Senate Republicans killed payment to replace your Social Security cost of living increase. 


Big question: What is nature worth?


I can't understand a word that's written in this article, but I like the cartoon.


Somebody should make a similar one for moderate Christians…they can tut-tut over murdered abortion doctors, they can make excuses for pedophile priests, they can go in a voting booth and pull the lever against gay rights, but an atheist puts up a billboard that says you can be good without gods, and zowee! Screaming fits on Fox News!


Eric Holder

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is looking into cyber attacks on opponents of WikiLeaks and companies that have stopped doing business with it, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday.

But there are no plans to ever investigate Bush and his minions for war crimes. That's just fucking great, Eric.


Republicans Do Not Care For 9/11 Welfare Queens (First Responders)

The Senate Fourgot.

Senate Republicans crashed their filibuster airplanes into legislation that would "monitor and treat first responders and emergency workers who suffered illnesses related to 9/11," causing the bill to collapse into its own footprint, never forget. So next time you see a firetruck with a Made in China American flag waving so proudly with 9/11 remembrance, can you please inform the firemen that their government hates the living shit out of them? And next time you hear Janet Napolitano moan "United We Stand" on the Walmart teevee, can you maybe throw that teevee out the window (ha ha, there are no windows in Walmart, because it is a Diabetes Prison)? Hooray for phony patriotism, and endless war. [CNN/The Hill]

Go read El Rude-o's take on the Repugs response to actually helping 9/11 first responders.

Afghan women still suffer horrendous abuse, says United Nations report: Report shows that forced marriages, 'honour' killings and women resorting to self-immolation still prevalent

Maybe if we stay another decade, things will get better.


What buffoon negotiated this deal? Oh, that's right. Everyone knows the GOP hates public transportation and anything else that might help traffic or the environment. What other surprises will we discover have been left out in an effort to "compromise" with the Republicans? At least the GOP is happy because that's all that matters.


This chart pretty much says it all:

I can't support that, even if they extend unemployment benefits for five years. That's just insanity.


Sarah Palin Says Julian Assange Is 'Un-American'; "At Least She Didn't Say I'm Un-Australian," Assange Retorted Slyly 

So Halliburton gets a bunch of money from fat government contracts. Guess what it's doing with some of it? 


Take My Country Back: Republicans worried about inflation vote no on one-time $250 Social Security payment to seniors designed to make up for no cost of living adjustment because there is no inflation.


John Bolton Has An Opinon About Wikileaks: Barack Obama Sucks


The Immoral Minority: Sarah Palin tops a new straw poll – just not one she wants.


Alabama: BBQ Restaurants 'Safest' Because Muslims Don't Eat Pork



Greg Mitchell at the Nation is doing an awesome job of sifting through the cables and the news reports surrounding the WikiLeaks cables. One of the most interesting things he posted today was that fellow inmates have been slipping Julian Assange notes of support and encouragement.


Baltimore Orioles distance selves from birther outfielder

Oh, a white guy.

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Luke Scott went into Major League Baseball's offseason winter meetings with a .902 OPS on the year and, it turns out, a deep distrust of that Kenyan socialist Barack Obama. "He was not born here," said the man best known for hitting a leather-wrapped ball of cork and wool, not so much for the spirit of intellectual discovery he picked up in his two years at Oklahoma State. "That's my belief. I was born here. If someone accuses me of not being born here, I can go — within 10 minutes — to my filing cabinet and I can pick up my real birth certificate and I can go, 'See? Look! Here it is. Here it is.' The man has dodged everything. He dodges questions, he doesn't answer anything. And why? Because he's hiding something." But the Orioles have distanced themselves from this statement. And why? Because they're hiding something. READ MORE »


What Matt said.


Panel uncovers 2000 Dutch victims of sexual abuse committed by Catholic clergy "The Roman Catholic Church, battered by sexual abuse scandals from the United States to Belgium, is facing a new set of allegations now in the Netherlands. Figures released Thursday by an investigative commission showed that almost 2,000 people have made complaints of sexual or physical abuse against the church, in a country with only 4 million Catholics. ... "The Roman Catholic church has not faced a crisis like this since the French Revolution," said Peter Nissen, professor of the history of religion at Radboud University, of the growing abuse scandal. ... With one legal case starting this week, and accusations against two former bishops, the reaction of the church appears to have fueled the crisis. Nearly all of the cases are decades old, with probably no more than 10 from the last 20 years."

Tax exempt rape.


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