Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rewarding bad behavior: volume 489,306

Rewarding bad behavior: volume 489,306

Transocean Execs Get Bonuses after 'Best Year in Safety,' Despite Gulf Oil Disaster.

One thing's for sure, these dudes have some big brass ones to make this kind of claim, despite the fact that eleven people died when the Deepwater Horizon exploded, including nine Transocean employees. Talk about utterly shameless sociopaths...

Which brings up the real reason Libertopia is a hellish nightmare... in Libertopia, sociopaths who enjoy killing for profit or fun or both come out on top, because they lack the slightest bit of human empathy and thus have no problem making the decision to pull the trigger and watch people die. And that's where we are right now -- with the most venal, evil sociopaths on the planet in charge of many of our most powerful institutions. In a better world, they would all be working menial jobs under court supervision to make sure their sociopathic tendencies didn't turn them into serial killers or something. In today's world, though, they become serial killers... but because they use a corporate structure to do their killing, do so with impunity.

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