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Headlines - Thursday Sept 27

"A leak would do too much damage to the image of the company."
Really? What about damage to the wildlife and environment?
Morford: Jesus, I'm married!
Unlike the James E. O'Keefe edited videos that distorted the truth, Republicans like Tommy Thompson are getting caught with their own words, unedited. They're afraid of speaking like this in public because they know they are highly unpopular. We know that the Republicans want to destroy Medicare and anyone who votes for them, better be clear that destruction is their mission.

Via Paul Constant, here's the Brad Blog report:

Firm owned by notorious GOP operative Nathan Sproul, accused of destroying Democratic registration forms in years past, hired 'at request of RNC', still operating in several key swing states…
The Republican Party of Florida's top recipient of 2012 expenditures, a firm by the name of Strategic Allied Consulting, was just fired on Tuesday night, after more than 100 apparently fraudulent voter registration forms were discovered to have been turned in by the group to the Palm Beach County, FL Supervisor of Elections.

The firm appears to be another shell company of Nathan Sproul, a longtime, notorious Republican operative, hired year after year by GOP Presidential campaigns, despite being accused of shredding Democratic voter registration forms in a number of states over several past elections.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Strategic Allied Consulting has been paid some $667,000 this year by the FL GOP, presumably to run its voter registration campaigns in the state. That number, however, does not account for another identical payment made in August. The Palm Beach Post is reporting tonight that the firm received "more than $1.3 million" from the Republican Party of Florida "to register new voters."

The firm is not only tied to the FL GOP, but also to the Mitt Romney Campaign, which hired Sproul as a political consultant late last year, despite years of fraud allegations against his organizations in multiple states.

Moreover, the firm is also reportedly operating similar voter registration operations on behalf of the Republican Party, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, in a number of key battleground states this year, including North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado. Strategic Allied has recently taken steps to hide their ownership by Sproul's notorious firm, Sproul & Associates…

Do read the whole thing.

I'll admit my first thought was that animal shelters and rescues groups keep carefully updated "Do Not Adopt" lists of individuals known to be hoarders, abusers, and/or generally unfit to have pets. You'd think political organizations would have an equivalent "Do Not Hire" list for people previously convicted of voter fraud and other chicanery… unless, of course, that's exactly the kind of behavior the GOP/RNC/Romney campaign is hiring Sproul to commit? 


It was fun while it lasted.
Yesterday, Roger Simon wrote an article for Politico in which he stated that Paul Ryan has deemed Mitt Romney "The Stench." Today, Simon wants everyone to know that his article was satire:

Simon told BuzzFeed: "Some people always don't get something, but I figured describing PowerPoint as having been invented to euthanize cattle would make the satire clear. I guess people hate PowerPoint more than I thought."

First of all, I'm not sure why contributors at Politico thinks anyone reads Politico for satire. Leave satire to The Onion and Christwire.

Second of all, when you're dealing with a candidate as flat-out absurd as Mitt Romney, you can't expect anyone to understand that your writings in an online political newspaper are satire. If you're going to try to satirize anything about Mitt Romney, it needs to be palpably clear. In the case of Simon's article, it wasn't—at least not to me (and the multiple media outlets that reported it as fact.)

Get it together, Politico.


Jurassicpork: I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own: A Psychological Profile of Mitt Romney


Mitt Romney: Those People


Shots fired at Mobile, AL Democratic Headquarters


Charles Pierce has a damned good point:

The biggest problem with Romney's campaign is its utter incoherence, which stems from the fact that he had to romance a Republican primary electorate that is clearly demented. The root of the campaign's fundamental dishonesty, which is what has led to its incoherence in the first place, is the fact that the Republican primary electorate forced Romney to renounce the only real achievement he has as an elected politician — the Massachusetts health-care reform. Once you find you have to lie about all the good you did, what does the rest of it really matter?

This is not an accident, though Pierce has the timeframe wrong. The GOP began to pivot to the "book-larnin' is bad" crowd in 1968, when Nixon realized that he could take the southern vote by dog-whistling to the segregation-forever crowd.

Still, Nixon and Reagan could get away with saying one thing to their crazies and then saying another thing to the general population, in that pre-Internet, pre-cable era.
Reagan could kick off his campaign in a town best remembered for murdering civil rights workers and be largely ignored, if not forgotten.

Not any more. Generally, there are a lot more news outlets now. Stupid crap uttered by a candidate anywhere will be recorded by some spectator with a cell phone and then uploaded to YouTube or elsewhere, where it will be picked up and spread faster than an airborne disease. The age-old tactic of running to the base for the primary campaign and then pivoting to the center for the general campaign is harder to do when it is so easy to make a "he said that then, now he says this" clip.

For the GOP, that is compounded by the fact that their base will not tolerate pivoting to the center. They demand adherence to their orthodoxy and, if a candidate doesn't do that, lava comes pouring down on him from the Right, a Right that has become crazier at a stunning rate. The GOP has gone from touting Romneycare as being a good idea to being a form of socialist tyranny. Their base will change their mind as to whether or not something is a good idea based solely on whose idea it is.

Not that Romney isn't absolved of being the author of his problem. He wants desperately to be President. Hell, like anyone with that particular fire in their belly, he wants to win any election. That's why he tried to run to the left of Teddy Kennedy in the early `90s in his Senate bid. That's why he touted himself as a pro-choice moderate in 2002 when he won election as the governor of Massachusetts. That's why he has repudiated everything he stood for in Massachusetts, moving more and more to the right over the last seven years as the GOP base has demanded of him. Romney's slogan might as well be: "Tell me which way my people are going, for I am their leader."

As a result, Romney is forced to run a vacuous campaign. And that is why, at least for now, he is sliding down in the tracking polls.


Romney said that his plan, "...will create 12 million jobs and will cause take-home pay to go up." Looks like he lied about that too: Romney's Budget Plan Could Kill Millions Of Jobs Over The Next Two Years


H/t Dick

Taibbi: This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close


ATTENTION POOR PEOPLE: Pajamas Media blogger Kathy Shaidle would like you to stop being boozy crackheads who spend all your money on weaves and tacky club clothes, at once and now! Let us listen to the good lady's gentle murmurs on the subject, as she has some Bible Science she would like to drop on us:

[To]day's poor are often petulant, entitled, irresponsible, and ungrateful, caught up in a culture of crime and cheap thrills. Jesus ordered us to love the poor because He understood how hard it was to do, even 2000 years ago. But in 2012, I'd take that further: our "poor" have become the "rich" Jesus warned us about.

Congratulations, Kathy Shaidle! "Jesus: What a Fucking Idiot That I Know So Much More Than" is a very bold premise! READ MORE »


Hey, there, fellow leftists! Hope you're all having a great day eating organic arugula, liberating lab animals from a university research facility, and withholding your children from getting vaccinated! Because it turns out that, despite the fairly well-documented dislike of science facts by many on the right, it's really libruls who hate science, as the Moonie Times discovered when it spoke to Dr. Alex Berezow, a microbiologist and science blogger who just happens to have co-authored a book on that very subject, Science Left Behind: Feel-Good Fallacies and the Rise of the Anti-Scientific Left. It's apparently a kind of reply to Chris Mooney's 2006 The Republican War on Science; we will happily admit to not having read either one. So is this another case of Both Sides Do It, then? Let us "examine" the "evidence" and "form" a "conclusion"! READ MORE »


Samuel L. Jackson Reads A Pro-Obama Bedtime Story: Wake The Fuck Up!


Now Appearing In Swing State Papers

The above full-page repulsive ad from the Government Is Not God PAC has been appearing in newspapers in Florida and Ohio. The Herald-Tribune in Sarasota, Florida ran the ad but then published an apology:
The Sunday, September 23rd edition of the Herald-Tribune contained an opposing political advertisement against President Obama. After reviewing our political advertising policy we have concluded that the advertisement did not meet the Herald-Tribune standards for fairness and accuracy and we apologize to our readers for the advertisement appearing in the newspaper.
The group's leader is furious:
Virtually every lying radical rag that calls itself a news outlet in the United States has begun attacks on Government Is Not God- PAC, including Huffpost. The attacks are more because of the name of the PAC than anything else. Liberals want government to be God. GING-PAC's name says what all conservatives believe: Government Is Not God! The very name of the PAC infuriates liberals.
Not incidentally, the above-quoted GING-PAC leader is William J. Murray, the born-again son of famed atheist Madalyn Murray. 

On CNN, Jim Acosta asked Romney about his welfare reform lie and Romney said his campaign always corrects the record. Acosta asked if that included the welfare lie and Romney replied, "Absolutely!"

And then Romney proceeded to tell the same lie, and added a new lie about food stamps.

So he admitted to correcting a lie that he subsequently repeated — with a side dish of Southern Strategy race baiting.

Here's the video. This is one for the Election 2012 time capsule. 






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