Monday, October 1, 2012

Headlines - Monday Oct 1

Wow. This is unbelievable.
Just in case anyone had forgotten about Mitt Romney's $100 million IRA, here's more news about Mitt Romney's $100 million IRA. Note that most regular human beings are only allowed to contribute $6,000 a year to one of these tax-advantaged retirement accounts.
More Republican voter registration fraud, this time in California:
SACRAMENTO — Aggressive recruitment efforts in one of California's most hotly contested voting districts has created a surge of newly minted Republicans like Marleny Reyes. Except she had no intention of joining the GOP.
The Moreno Valley College student is among scores of voters in Riverside County who say they were duped.
Formal complaints filed with the state by at least 133 residents of a state Senate district there say they were added to GOP rolls without their knowledge, calling into question the party's boast that Republican membership has rocketed 23% in the battleground area.
Just trust me!

Mitt Romney's P90X running-mate, Paul Ryan, is still unwilling or unable to explain the specifics of his super serious and bold tax plan. On the republican propaganda channel this morning, Chris Wallace gave the "Master of the Budget" a chance to explain the math. He didn't. Instead, he dodged, saying "I don't have the time. It would take me too long to go through all of the math."

Just how long is it going to take to explain the math? Some of us have been waiting over a year since it was released.

And again, shame on anyone out there who ever looked at the Ryan plan and called it bold or serious. It was obviously a ridiculous fraud from the moment it was released, and only really dim bulbs would say anything to the contrary.


This should be fun:

Rick Santorum is positioning himself for a possible White House run in 2016.

The former Pennsylvania senator has thrown his support behind Mitt Romney, but it is clear he is mulling another White House bid down the road...

Santorum, 54, has previously indicated that he might run in 2016 should Romney lose.

In an April interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, Santorum said, "I feel like a young man, and hopefully I feel like a young man four years from now."

As I said yesterday, should Barack Obama win reelection next month and should he and the Democrats in Congress succeed in their suicidal plan to replay 1937 by cutting key programs like Social Security and Medicare, a Republican win in 2016 will be almost inevitable.

The only thing that would save the nation at that point would be a hard push by the social conservatives to declare that the nomination of a supposed social moderate is what cost Republicans in 2012, leading to the successful GOP nomination of a nut like Rick Santorum.

So Godspeed, Rick. Throw yourself in front of the Chris Christie train. More power to you.


First, due to the fact that he's a stiff, awkward, ungainly robot, he's going to need a lot more time than just six weeks to master the art of "zingers." Second, this is how he intends to change his fortunes and attain the presidency? With zingers? If that doesn't work, what'll he do in the second debate? Juggling? They've prepped the most unfunny man in America with jokes — and this is going to somehow help him. That, in and of itself, is effing hilarious.

Yes, Mr. Legitimate Rape really said this:
As he repeats numerous times in this video, Bishop Thomas J Paprocki isn't telling you who to vote for – that would endanger his tax free charitable standing. He's just saying that Republicans don't like abortions or gay marriage.

He's not telling you that victims of child molestation are evil and should be punished. He's just saying that "the principal force behind these attacks is none other than the devil."

And, he's certainly not advocating rounding up and locking up Muslims. He's just saying that airport security personnel are wrong "for not profiling Arabs" and warning that "Muslims could impose Islamist values in the United States if they keep moving here until they reach a majority." Also, too:

This year, on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 tragedy, some U.S. dioceses held interfaith observances. But not in Springfield, where diocesan services were ecumenical, open only to Christians.

"There wasn't any conscious decision on my part – I never had that conversation, interfaith versus ecumenical," says Paprocki.

So when I say, fuck Thomas J Paprocki, and note that the world would be a better place if assholes like him were in jail for conspiring to shield child molesters instead of preaching the hate and divisiveness that spontaneously escapes his geriatric piehole, I'm not making a conscious decision, I'm just saying.


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Well this is gross and awful. Larry Klayman, who made his bones with Judicial Watch, which was constantly suing Bill Clinton every time he sneezed (with his penis), and who most recently has been writing for WND and representing totally rad heavy metal children's entertainer Bradlee Dean, may have sexually abused his own children! Ha? Ha? Hilarious? READ MORE »


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