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March 20

Cheney Marks Tenth Anniversary of Pretending There Was Reason to Invade Iraq


Bill O's Ugly Catholic Divorce - Link

Fox liar Bill O'Reilly has been in a nasty custody battle for the better part of two years, 
and the animosity between O'Reilly and his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy appears to have 
reached a boiling point. Gawker says O'Reilly is dragging the Catholic Church into the mess.
ha ha

Nothing like having gay child molesters helping with your ugly divorce.

O'Reilly has been going to extreme lengths to punish his ex-wife, including barring 
McPhilmy from accepting communion at her Catholic church.

They didn't say how he got that power... 

As a result of their separation, courts declared that O'Reilly and McPhilmy needed a 
therapist to "act as a neutral mediator" says Gawker. But O'Reilly put the crooked therapist, 
Lynne Kulakowski, on his payroll. His lawyer did not deny these charges in court.

Yes, we should drag alllll of this liar's personal problems into the spotlight.

Let's do to O'Reilly what they did to Clinton back in 1998.

...and is there some way we can get Nancy Grace involved?

   "All men are guilty pigs!"


Thus proving that there's nothing the Democrats won't cave on: 

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 1.58.57 PM
The support of 74% of the American people just wasn't enough for Democrats & Republicans, or their NRA masters.

Honest to fucking god, nerves of lime fucking jello, these a-holes.


A dying veteran in hospice writes a damning open letter to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, faulting them -- rightly -- for his death. Take the time to read it, because you know Bush and Cheney will never bother. Although the Bush administration neocons never be punished for them, we owe it to ourselves to bear witness to the enormity of their crimes. It's at times like these that I almost understand Christianity. It would be a tremendous comfort to be certain that George and Dick would eventually burn in Hell, unable to escape justice in the end.


What would Jesus do? Sell His clothes and buy a gun, if you believe one Minnesota lawmaker. Fucktard.




According to a just-published Pew Research study, 85% of MSNBC's airtime is devoted to opinions and commentary, with only CNN delivering more than 50% "factual reporting" out of the three cable networks examined.  Breitbart is doingcartwheels: "MSNBC is everything that progressives imagine Fox to be. As the charts demonstrate, it is little more than a conduit for progressive opinion aimed at bolstering the Democratic Party." What the study does not apparently examine is how much of that "factual reporting" at Fox is, in fact, factual.


In the DC suburbs, a grounded teenager who snuck out of his house to go drinking with friends came home later in the night to thewrong house, two doors down, and snuck back in, where he was shot and killed by the homeowner.




Mother Jones brings us the chart of the day on the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.


Since we borrowed to pay for much of the war, we're facing nearing $4 trillion in cumulative interest between now and 2053, according to the 30 researchers who worked on the Costs of War report for Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies.

It should be reiterated that President Bush kept the cost of the Iraq war off the books while he was in office, and when Republicans make the claim that President Obama dramatically increased the national debt upon taking office, the only reason they are able to make that claim is because the president decided we should begin taking responsibility for the cost of the war by adding it to routine budgets rather than paying for it with emergency authorization bills.


Jurassicpork: Ten Years Later...


Steubenville-Area Women's Shelter Receiving Donations From Around The World


Assassination 'Joke' Sheriff Doubles Down, Compares Critics To Nazis


How The NRA Secretly Protects People Who Commit Crimes With Guns


So here is how it went: First Michele Bachmann screeched about how our dastardly Usurper got a total Death to Amerikkka Boner when he murdered our Libyan ambassador in BENGHAZIIIIIII, and then Michele Bachmann told some dumb lies about the five chefs who fly on Air Force One and the "presidential dogwalker" and $1.4 billion in derp. (It was CPAC. Dumb lies is how they do.) Then CNN was all, "Pardon us, Congresswoman, about your dumb lies that are dumb? There is no White House dogwalker and derp?" Then Michele Bachmann was all, "Pffft, nice reporting, slut! Why would you bring up something so insignificant as the White House dogwalker when the president is busy murdering the entire diplomatic corps?" And Dana Bash was like, "Wait a minute, I did not bring up the White House budget, YOU brought up the White House budget!" And Michele Bachmann was all, "I do not think so, I would never be so disingenuous, especially not now, while I am running away from you. Exit, stage left even!" READ MORE »




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