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March 26

Racist Hate Group To Conduct Nighttime Patrols On College Campus



Am I the only one who thinks all the blue dogs and Republicans are coming out in favor of gay marriage because they know Fat Tony and the rest of Opus Dei on the Supreme Court are going to uphold DOMA, so all these guys can claim they supported gay marriage but that SCOTUS just got in the way?


John Boehner.  Orange Julius.  He's the russet-colored boil on the ass of the body politic, if there ever was one.  Finally it looks like somebody on the D side across the Ohio river is going to take a shot at lancing him.

Middletown resident and Army veteran Andrew Hounshell said he will announce his candidacy April 5 to challenge Speaker of the House John Boehner for his congressional seat.

Hounshell stepped into the limelight this past September when he introduced President Barack Obama at a campaign stop in Cincinnati.

The vice president of International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 1943 at AK Steel's Middletown Works plant will hold a fundraiser at the Forest Hills Country Club, 791 Fourth Ave. in Middletown, where he will announce his run for the U.S. House of Representatives Ohio 8th District in 2014.

Howie Klein over at DWT has more, including Andrew's essay on why this one-time Republican walked away from the party of cray-cray and joined the good guys.

Memories like mine can mold and shape a person's voting patterns for a lifetime. Luckily for me, my thirties brought on a time of clarity. There wasn't one particular event that turned on a light bulb, but rather a combination of many: college, union work, community work, my father relying on the VA for health care, my mother relying on her Social Security to survive, in-laws going without health insurance because they can't afford it after my father in-law was laid-off from Delphi, having 3 children at one time (the list goes on and on). I realized that through policy, our elected officials do have a huge impact on our livelihood. Through cuts in Social Security, appointments to the NLRB, cuts to the VA, immigration reform (or lack thereof), tax loopholes for corporations, subsidies to oil companies, etc., our middle class has been eroded and we are not taking care of those who can no longer take care of themselves.

The Republicans I loved as a child, and I thought loved me back, were the very ones who were supporting this erosion. How could this be?

Andrew's my age.  I too remember sending Reagan a get well card when I was 5 after he was shot.  It was a crappy drawing of the space shuttle Columbia, which being drawn by a 5-year old, looked more like a tube of toothpaste with two smaller booster rocket tubes attached to it.  I got a nifty thank you note from the White House.  ZandarMom voted for the guy, after all.

And like Reagan (not that he was super awesome or anything) those Republicans are long gone, replaced by their current insane iteration.  Like me, Hounshell figured out a long time ago that Republicans don't give a damn about working class anyone and never will.  In Ohio, that still matters to an extent.

Does Hounshell have a shot against the Big Orange Machine?  Considering Boehner ran unopposed in 2012, I'm going to say Democrats have a better chance than they did last year, right?


Dueling headlines.


Zimmerman's lawyer works to dispel racial overtones in Trayvon Martin case

TP (via Mediaite):

George Zimmerman's Brother: 'Black Teens' Are Killers

And you wondered why lawyers drink.


Everything You Need To Know About The Marriage Equality Cases At The Supreme Court

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