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July 24


Why Fox News' Popularity Is In Serious Jeopardy


To right-wing State Senator Brian Nieves, the life of the mother is only an excuse; if she lives or dies is 'a matter of convenience.'


Today in Republican Latino outreach

¡Ay, caramba!:

Iowa conservative Republican Congressman Steve King said in an interview with Newsmax that for every valedictorian DREAMer who has been brought to this country by his or her family, "…there's another 100 out there who, they weigh 130 pounds and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. Those people would be legalized with the same act."

I'm not sure whose job it is to handle Steve King or if he even has handlers, but I do know there must be someone at the RNC whose asshole puckers each time King steps in front of the cameras to plead with Latinos to vote for the other party. Love it, Republicans. Keep it up.


Pennsylvania police chief: F*ck all you libtards out there, you take it in the a**


National Review Tells Young Whites To Avoid Blacks, Again


Virginia Governor Apologizes, Repays Loans He Had Insisted Were Not Improper


The Rich Feel Poor If They Have Less Than $5 Million

F**k those people.


North Carolina On Cusp Of Passing Worst Voter Suppression Bill In The Nation


Why did Time magazine give the new pope devil horns?

Pope Lucifer II





Senator Ron Wyden is not an Obama hating emo-prog. He is a US Senator with Top Secret clearance and he knows all the details of these NSA surveillance programs and understands the implications of them in a free society. It would be advisable for those who think that this story can be discounted because you think Edward Snowden is a traitor or Glenn Greenwald is a twitter asshole to read Wyden's entire speech today to Center for American Progress.

I have not been able to understand why so many otherwise responsible liberals and progressives have so blithely dismissed these revelations when we have Senators like Wyden, Udall and Merkley running around with their hair on fire about it. This didn't start with Edward Snowden --- these people have been trying to sound the alarm for years and nobody listened. That's what happens when these programs are classified, the people in the know are appalled and cannot say anything about it. 

Wyden's speech lays out all the reasons why these programs are wrong and intimates strongly that we still don't know the full scope of what they are doing.

Do read the link to the speech above and see how these secret laws have enabled a series of programs that enable idea of a government "tele-screen monitoring your every move turns from dystopia to reality." Truly, this is not about whether Edward Snowden is someone you'd want to have a beer with. Ron Wyden is not a narcissistic freak. He's pretty low key, actually. And he's basically saying that Snowden's revelations are real and they are a threat. Isn't it important that we know that?


July 23, 2013


In other news, Senator Lindsey Graham is ready to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

"If nothing changes in Iran, come September, October, I will present a resolution that will authorize the use of military force to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb," Graham told a "cheering" audience at a conference put on by the right-wing group Christians United for Israel, according to CQ Roll Call.

Meanwhile, Christine O'Donnell may be considering another run for Senate. And she is not a witch. She's you.


It's that time of year again when Republicans start threatening to shut the federal government down if they don't get their way, and this time their ransom demand is the defunding of Obamacare.

According to The Blaze, there is a coalition of Republican senators who have vowed to block a continuing resolution that will prevent a government shutdown.

U.S. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) told TheBlaze Monday he has recruited more than a dozen Senate Republicans to help him defund President Barack Obama's landmark health care law.

Fifteen Republican senators, including Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.), Ted Cruz (Texas), John Cornyn (Texas), Rand Paul (Ky.), James Inhofe (Okla.), David Vitter (La.), Roger Wicker (Miss.), John Thune (S.D.), and Chuck Grassley (Iowa), will block a continuing resolution to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30 if it includes funding for Obamacare, Lee said.

They won't be any more successful this time than they were last time, but let it be known that these men are willing to crash the economy if it means they can deny healthcare to people who can't afford it.

That's all this is about.

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