Sunday, November 30, 2008

Headlines - Sunday

In case you missed Willie Nelson on Colbert's Christmas special:
And in a related story....
2,700 year old pot stash found in Chinese tomb
Granted, holiday weekends are always slow news days, but is it really so bad that you need to create a controversy? The headline: Bidentity Crisis: Where's Joe?

Yes, Vice President-elect Joe Biden is MIA. He's been cut out of the loop, apparently holed up in some undisclosed location, and probably angry that Hillary Clinton might be the next Secretary of State, while Obama, his Chicago crew, and a yet-to-be-named first puppy, grab all of the headlines (except this one).

According to the article, the questions on Biden's role are "swirling," although the only evidence of this is a quote from a David Ignatius column. And when it goes from speculation to actual reporting?

Like their recent predecessors, Obama and Biden have met for weekly one-on-one lunches since the election. Biden has also been at every key transition meeting and has had private discussions with Obama on the phone when the vice president-elect has regularly returned from the transition base in Chicago to his home in Delaware.

"He's been very closely involved in the key decisions," said former U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who is working with the Obama transition on intelligence. "He and the president-elect have a very good personal chemistry."

Oh. Well, that kind of undermines the entire premise of the story, doesn't it?


Accountability when something goes wrong?
India's top security official offered his resignation Sunday, a senior aide said, as the government struggled under growing accusations of security failures following the Mumbai attacks that left at least 174 people dead.
Federal food regulators have decided how much melamine can be in baby formula. These people are pigs 
What is it with the Republican party and toxicity? Why are they so drawn to poisons?  
California's Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) confirmed Monday that it will investigate allegations that the LDS Church failed to report money invested to organize phone banks, send out direct mailers, provide transportation to California, mobilize a speakers bureau, send out satellite simulcasts and develop Web sites as well as numerous commercials and video broadcasts. The Mormons are believed to have contributed as much as $22 million to the effort.
Get a life, people
The First Cookie
Want an example of the change Barack Obama is bringing to the country?

Check out cookie sales at Baby Boomers cafe in Des Moines. Ever since word got out of the president-elect and his family's fondness for Baby Boomers' chocolate chunk cookies, the small downtown restaurant can't get them out of the oven fast enough.
chicago tribune

Neocon Bill "Always Wrong" Kristol, who's been wrong on absolutely everything, who brought us the Iraq war and Sarah Failin, says Preznit Droolers should not only pardon the people that tortured terrorism suspects, he should award them the Medal of Freedom.

Meanwhile, Bill's hopefully-not-for-much-longer employer, the New York Times, warns in an
editorial this morning, "If Bush wants to try to reclaim his reputation, he can start by not abusing the pardon power on his way out the door."

If he does, I hope to God nobody ever has the cojones to mention "Marc Rich" and "pardon" in the same article ever again.


Remember those hunger strikes by prisoners in Guantanamo Bay? Some of them are still on it, still being forcibly fed, one of them with a substance to which he is allergic.






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