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Headlines - Wednesday August 15

Another Republican who had no problem with scorched earth partisanship is now complaining when the crazies it spawned turned their poisonous tactics on her:
[Kay Bailey Hutchinson] lamented the growing political divisions that have run counter to cooperation and compromise. "There is a divide on people who want to achieve something — as Ronald Reagan said, 'I'd rather have half a loaf than no loaf' — and people who just want to blow things up." As for the uncompromising demand for deep budget cuts and dwindling government, she said: "Do you really want to not have bridges and the highways that keep commerce moving?" Perry allies, going full tea party, skewered Hutchison as a Republican in name only (RINO). "In my opinion, there's no such thing as a RINO. Nothing makes me madder than a Republican who makes fun of someone who's not exactly the way they are. If someone's a Republican, they should be welcome in the Republican Party."

Cry me a flippin' river as Sarah Palin would say. These are your people Kay. You stood by and let them turn politics into even more of a sewer than they already were and never said a word. Perhaps you should have realized that you weren't really a member of their club and that they would think nothing of turning on you the minute you were no longer the nice Republican lady who did as she was told. Oh well. Buh bye.

In the first sign that the Fukushima nuclear disaster may be changing life around it, scientists say they've found mutant butterflies.

Some of the butterflies had abnormalities in their legs, antennae, and abdomens, and dents in their eyes, according to the study published in Scientific Reports, an online journal from the team behind Nature. Researchers also found that some affected butterflies had broken or wrinkled wings, changes in wing size, color pattern changes, and spots disappearing or increasing on the butterflies.

The study began two months after an earthquake and tsunami devastated swaths of northeastern Japan in March 2011, triggering a nuclear disaster. The Fukushima Daiichi plant spewed radiation and displaced tens of thousands of residents from the surrounding area in the worst nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine.


Homophobes love lunch! - Notable unwed mother Maggie Gallagher's marriage-denying fetish project NOM got such a thrill up their collective leg that they are declaring every Wednesday to be Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. On a related note, the most fat Americans are in the South. They think it has something to do with fried food. (Fair warning! The first link goes to La Gallagher's masturbatorium, NOMblog. Click at your own peril.)


Ryan was chosen to "exploit the gullibility and vanity of the news media"

That's Paul Krugman, writing from an undisclosed location (vacation). Emphasis and paragraphing mine:
So, let me clarify what I believe is really going on in the choice of Paul Ryan as VP nominee.

It is not about satisfying the conservative base, which was motivated anyway by Obama-hatred; it is not about refocusing on the issues, because R&R are both determined to avoid providing any of the crucial specifics about their plans.

It is — as
Jonathan Chait also seems to understand — about exploiting the gullibility and vanity of the news media, in much the same way that George W. Bush did in 2000.
Read the rest; there's quite a bit more. I think he makes his point.

Just wanted to add this data point to the discussion. Will this be the worst year of Mitt Romney's life? If so, I wouldn't want to be the first company Bain Capital "acquires" in 2013 — or the first dog that Romney "acquires."
FROM FOX NEWS: Fact Check: Ryan budget plan doesn't actually slash the budget (and it raises taxes on the poor and middle class)
Guess who asked the federal government to give his constituents some porky socialism from the stimulus bill after he voted against it?

Yup. Mr. Ayn Rand himself.

Great piece from the Boston Globe:
In 2009, as Rep. Paul D. Ryan was railing against President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package as a "wasteful spending spree," he wrote at least four letters to Obama's secretary of energy asking that millions of dollars from the program be granted to a pair of Wisconsin conservation groups, according to documents obtained by the Globe.

The advocacy appeared to pay off; both groups were awarded the economic recovery funds -- one receiving a $20 million grant to help thousands of local businesses and homes improve their energy efficiency, agency documents show.

Ryan's letters to the energy secretary praising the energy initiatives as he sought a portion of the funding are in sharp contrast to the House Budget Committee chairman's image as a Tea Party favorite adamantly opposed to federal spending on such programs.
The Globe also reports that Ryan was a bit of an earmark hog as well.

Who exactly vetted this guy? It's as if the Romney people didn't even know that Ryan authored a budget eliminating Medicare, in addition to wanting to privatize Social Security. And now we find out taht Ryan was for the stimulus after he was against it. Priceless.
If you live in Butler or Warren counties in the Republican-leaning suburbs of Cincinnati, you can vote for president beginning in October by going to a polling place in the evening or on weekends. Republican officials in those counties want to make it convenient for their residents to vote early and avoid long lines on Election Day.
But, if you live in Cincinnati, you're out of luck. Republicans on the county election board are planning to end early voting in the city promptly at 5 p.m., and ban it completely on weekends, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. The convenience, in other words, will not be extended to the city's working people.

The sleazy politics behind the disparity is obvious. Hamilton County, which contains Cincinnati, is largely Democratic and voted solidly for Barack Obama in 2008. So did the other urban areas of Cleveland, Columbus and Akron, where Republicans, with the assistance of the Ohio secretary of state, Jon Husted, have already eliminated the extended hours for early voting.

County election boards in Ohio, a closely contested swing state, are evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. In counties likely to vote for President Obama, Republicans have voted against the extended hours, and Mr. Husted has broken the tie in their favor. (He said the counties couldn't afford the long hours.) In counties likely to vote for Mitt Romney, Republicans have not objected to the extended hours.


Underground Railroad… to prison - Hey guys, remember that time (last week? Yes.) when noted hate radio wind-bag Bryan Fischer was fomenting to form an international child-kidnapping syndicate and called it an underground railroad to free children from their gay parents? Me Neither! But anyway, Kenneth Miller, a Mennonite pastor, has been found guilty of abetting international kidnapping of the child of a same-sex couple. (Think Progress)


I hope they catch the sick freak who did this. The Secret Service is investigating a possible threat against the President after a burned cat carcass, an American flag and an Obama-Biden sign were found arranged in a public park in Minneapolis.


This shit is not okay and the Secret Service ought to take it down and investigate the tea-folk who paid for it for inciting violence against the President. It reads "The Navy Seals removed one threat to America. The voters must remove the other."


"The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled Tuesday that police can use cell phone data obtained without a warrant to establish an individual's location." The Supreme Court had found in January that "that police could not plant a GPS tracking device on a suspect's car without obtaining a warrant," however.


Donald Trump tweet:

"Today I am working on my 'big surprise' for the @RNC convention. Everyone will love it." 

That is the promise of Donald Trump, who is among the most prominent delusional psychopaths participating in the RNC this year (but certainly not the only one!). Although he did once promise us the results of his Hawaiian investigation into Barack Obama's birth certificate, that can't be the surprise, because we all know Obama is lying about that anyway. It would be like someone surprising you with the cake you were already eating. READ MORE »



Probably Don't Read This Story About Minnesota's Barack Obama Death-Threat Cat-Murder

Pleeee-ase, don't murder me

Minneapolis is apparently home to the newest Damien Hirst, as an art installation featuring the burned carcass of a cat, with an American flag staked through its heart and an Obama/Biden yard sign next to it, popped up in a public park yesterday. Clearly, though, the authorities don't understand Conceptual Assemblage when they see it.

A threat to President Obama in the form of a burned cat staked to a tree stump drew officers from several city and federal agencies to a south Minneapolis park before dawn on Monday.

The cat's carcass in Longfellow Park was staked with a handheld American flag on a small stick, according to a federal law enforcement official. Standing next to the cat was an Obama/Biden 2012 lawn sign, the official said.

But what of the Assemblage's other components?

On the stump along with the cat, with the flag's stick staked through its throat, were an iced tea can and a cat food tin, the federal official said. There was no note, the official added.

Artist fail. There should by all means have been a note, or "artist's statement," preferably citing Kant's probings of the nature of truth and Brecht's Man's Inhumanity to Cat.

In other news, probably time to put some more taxpayer dough into mental health.

[StarTribune, via Wonkette operative "Mssr Grumpe"]


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