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Headlines - Tuesday September 6

More Afghan Soldiers Deserting the Army, NATO Statistics Show
Why are we still there? 

Mr. Obvious David Gregory tells us why the Iraq War was unpopular:

"I think that is a huge issue. I mean, I, I think, you know, the issue for President Bush was not just Katrina, but it was how the Iraq war turned out. I, I always thought people were not opposed to the Iraq war, they were opposed to failure. They don't like when things don't go well. If it had just gone well, it would have been a completely different reaction."

Yeah, if only that creepy serial killer hadn't murdered all of those people and made a suit out of their skins in his disgusting basement dungeon, he would have been more popular at parties.


Bills Republicans Have Blocked


The woman who works as campaign treasurer for several Democratic politicians -- including Diane Feinstein -- has been arrested by the FBI for mail fraud. The report's a little light on specifics, but it sounds like she was embezzling campaign funds. California State Sen. Lou Correa says he was called by the FBI and informed that he was a "victim." The right will probably try to make hay with this, but it's hard to see how it would stick -- the crime was committed against these dems, not by them. It's not like the party chairman blew the money at a bondage-themed nudie bar or anything.


Here's more evidence of the same: "The Pima County Republican Party's controversial gun raffle fundraiser was such a success that they ended up raffling off another weapon. ... The notoriety fueled such demand, said interim Chairman Mike Shaw, not only did the raffle for the Glock pistol sell out, but they subsequently raffled a deer rifle as well. ... The raffle garnered worldwide attention because it was organized eight months after the Tucson shooting spree. ... The model of Glock is not the same as the one Jared Lee Loughner used in the Jan. 8, rampage. The gun used by Loughner was a Glock 19. The weapon being raffled is a Glock 23. ... Loughner faces 49 criminal counts in the mass shooting that left six people dead and 13 wounded, including the apparent target of the shooting, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. ... National progressive pundit Keith Olbermann dubbed the raffle "a crass, heartless, Neanderthal decision" and questioned whether local Republican leaders had ceased to be human. ... Locally, some Republicans have likewise publicly distanced themselves from the raffle. ... Republican City Councilman Steve Kozachik characterized it as "incredibly stupid," especially when the party is gearing up for the city's general election. ... "When you have a slate of candidates who are already trying to generate some name recognition, in a city where they are out-registered by 2-to-1, and you tie a Glock to their tail, you've pretty much shown that you don't understand the dynamics of the area," he concluded."


These people are lying assholes



Welcome to the underside of the bus. From the NYT:

Finding a middle ground is difficult, especially in the midst of heated political wrangling over how to cope with the sputtering economy. Businesses are focusing almost entirely on the costs. Environmental groups, meanwhile, tally up the benefits without paying much heed to the costs.

"My view is that the Republican claim that 'job-killing regulation' is a redundancy is as ridiculous as the left-wing view that 'job-killing regulation' is an oxymoron," said Cass Sunstein, head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. "Both are silly political claims that have no place in a serious discussion."

Then I hope the White House has a plan to replace those environmental voters next November (and I'm sure they do, this is all part of the "win the middle" strategy that has so far lost the White House the middle in poll after poll), because enviro votes are clearly not desired by a White House that finds environmentalists "left-wing," "ridiculous," "silly," and not "serious."

Food for thought. Does anyone honestly think the President is going to be more helpful on any of our issues once he has the re-election under his belt and truly doesn't have to worry about how we'll vote ever again?

More food for thought, for those who might suggest we just let this slide.  If we let the White House keep criticizing Democrats in Congress and Democratic interest groups with impunity, if we let their ongoing criticism depress the Democratic vote and hurt the image of Democrats who are up for re-election (thus hurting their chances for re-election), our silence could ensure that Democrats lose next November.

It's not disloyal speaking up.  It's disloyal watching an electoral train wreck coming your way, and doing nothing about it. 


What the Left Doesn't Understand About Obama - JONATHAN CHAIT


The Great Bank Robbery


Hey NYT, Obama didn't bail out the banks, Bush did.


As far back as 2007, I was quoting the old Jewish joke that you can find in Leo Rosten's The Joys of Yiddish, the punch line of which is "Because day after day after day, all you do is mutsche me!" On a less humorous note, Matthew 6.5 says:

And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Funny how when Rick Perry talks about throwing up his hands and saying, "OK, God, YOU fix this mess", and holds his massive stadium prayergasms, he forgets this one passage from his precious Bible.

Well, if he's left Texas in God's hands,
God is telling Rick Perry just what He thinks of Texas and about how day after day, all Perry does is mutsche him:

Dozens of wildfires continues to burn out of control across tinder-dry Texas on Monday as calls went out for off-duty firefighters around the region to report for duty.

The Texas Forest Service reported 56 separate fires on Sunday that had burned some 30,000 acres. Neighborhoods across eastern and central parts of the state were reporting widespread damage.

Authorities said the fires were propelled partly by the high winds brought by Tropical Storm Lee. A late-summer cool front brought winds of 30 to 40 mph to the region, which is already gripped by one of the worst droughts in history.

The National Weather Service said South, Central and East Texas were all under "red flag" warnings for critical fire conditions until late Sunday night.

If Irene is God's punishment for the Godless heathen homosexual socialist Jewish commie Northeast, then what of the Texas wildfires?


Think your right to vote is secure? Think again.


Arizona: Too small to be a republic, to big to be an insane asylum. "For the Arizona Department of Corrections, crime has finally started to pay. ... New legislation allows the department to impose a $25 fee on adults who wish to visit inmates at any of the 15 prison complexes that house state prisoners. The one-time "background check fee" for visitors, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, has angered prisoner advocacy groups and family members of inmates, who in many cases already shoulder the expense of traveling long distances to the remote areas where many prisons are located. ... David C. Fathi, director of the National Prison Project of the American Civil Liberties Union, called the fee "mind-boggling" and said that while it was ostensibly intended to help the state - the money will be used to repair and maintain the prisons -- it could ultimately have a negative effect on public safety. ... "We know that one of the best things you can do if you want people to go straight and lead a law-abiding life when they get out of prison is to continue family contact while they're in prison," he said. "Talk about penny-wise and pound-foolish.""
Famine could claim 750,000 Somalis "As many as 750,000 people could die as Somalia's drought worsens in the coming months, the UN has warned, declaring a famine in a new area. ... The UN says tens of thousands of people have died after what is said to be East Africa's worst drought for 60 years. ... Bay becomes the sixth area to be officially declared a famine zone - mostly in parts of southern Somalia controlled by the Islamist al-Shabab. ... Some 12 million people across the region need food aid, the UN says. ... The situation in the Bay region was worse than anything previously recorded, said senior UN's technical adviser Grainne Moloney. "The rate of malnutrition [among children] in Bay region is 58%. This is a record rate of acute malnutrition," she told journalists in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi."
Health problems??? This is all Obamacare's fault!
Lunatic pill-head Michele Bachmann's veteran campaign manager Ed Rollins is stepping down for "health reasons," and, he added, "it's a Romney-Perry race" is the name of his illness. We hear you, Ed Rollins, that is a tough disease to battle on campaign hours, seven days a week, with only the "hope" of certain death at the end of the tunnel. And it's apparently contagious: the deputy campaign manager is also leaving. Not even the pill-stuffed trailer towing Michele Bachmann's tour bus across America has enough Ambien and Ecstasy to make an exhausting failure of a campaign sound fun anymore. Sad! READ MORE »
5 things Bachmann has said that will haunt her.

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