Monday, November 7, 2011

Headlines - Monday November 7

John Boehner says members of his party aren't servants to the rich (while rushing to the defense of the 1%) and are all about cutting spending -- an argument Steve Benen knocks down effortlessly.

Drunk Rick Perry On SNL

Wow. That's all I have to say about this. Just wow.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Let me turn to you George and ask you about the unemployment numbers. Is that something of a trend or is that scratching the surface? What difference is that going to make?

WILL: Not much. First of all, 80,000 isn't nearly enough to accomodate even the natural growth month by month of the workforce. There are two bits of good news in there. The 80,000 is a net number. The private sector created 104,000 jobs. The public sector happily shrank by 24,000 jobs. Both of that's good.

24,000 people lost their jobs. Happily.



"People that want to be lazy and not help themselves, well, that's their little boogie-woogie." Herman Cain yesterday

Yes, America, this is your Republican frontrunner for the presidency of the United States.

P.S. Victim #4 is giving a press conference at 1:30 pm. Bye, Herman!


Multiple missteps led to drone killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan

This happens to dark skinned people all the time.


Jill: Proof that the Republicans think they'll be taken along when their corporate masters leave this country a rotting, smoking ruin 

You Don't Know Mitt: 99 Facts About Mitt Romney

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