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Headlines - Saturday March 24


Try to remember the good things...

Asm99...when your drunk husband is beating you. That is what Wisconsin state Rep. Don Pridemore thinks you should do because he is against any kind of divorce and thinks you should be too.

According to Mr. Pridemore, women in abusive marriages should just shut their eyes, much like closing your eyes while you are being raped by the GOP's shaming wand, and remember the things they love about their husband -- "If they can re-find those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help."

He also said, according to the Yahoo article:

...that while he thinks women are capable of caring for a family "in certain situations," fathers are the only ones who provide structure and discipline. If they don't grow up with married biological parents, Pridemore says, "kids tend to go astray."

These comments stem from him being a co-sponsor of fellow GOP douchebag state Sen. Glenn Grothman's Limbaughesque "being single causes child abuse" Senate Bill 507.

He also hates puppies.




Looks like we're getting to the shirty, snitty, smegma-lipped-pout phase of the GOP primaries. Rick Santorum would like to take Mitt Romney's toys and go home!

"You win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country, not someone who's just going to be a little different than the person in there," said Santorum. "If you're going to be a little different, we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk with what may be the etch a sketch candidate of the future." Watch Rick Santorum endorse Barack Obama, after the jump! READ MORE »


Is Roger Ailes blackmailing him with the threat of making the "Geraldo with a mustachioed goat" pictures public? I have heard no evidence to the contrary.

We report, you decide.


ACLU supports Facebook's threat to sue employers for demanding the login information to applicant's Facebook accounts as a condition of employment. It puts the applicants in direct violation of the Facebook terms of service, which state unequivocally that login information will not be shared with anyone else.
Stop praising Trayvon Martin

I don't want to read another fucking word about what a wonderful kid Trayvon Martin was. He was, of course, exactly the kind of smart, well-behaved, clean-cut, destined-for-success black kid white elitist repugs all claim to love to pieces.

And that's exactly the problem.

The murder of Trayvon Martin is an outrage and a tragedy not because Trayvon Martin was - in the words I am sure have been uttered many times in the repug cesspool that is the Florida legislature and law-enforcement community - "a good colored."

The murder of Trayvon Martin is an outrage and a tragedy because Florida law allows racist, mouthbreathing cop-wannabe crackers like George Zimmerman to gun people down for no reason.

If the person George Zimmerman shot had been a black, 6-foot-6, gang-tattooed, 300-pounds-of-muscle high-school dropout with a long juvenile and adult record of drug crimes, who did not live in the neighborhood, who was actually casing the area for burglary targets, and who was carrying a concealed weapon (Florida lets anybody carry concealed), the shooting still would have been murder.

Make no mistake; George Zimmerman is not going to spend a day in jail. I seriously doubt there's a judge or jury in Florida that would award Trayvon's parents a dime in wrongful-death compensation.

That's because the Stand Your Ground Laws - in Florida and a dozen other states - makes cold-blooded murder for fun legal.

Basing opposition to those laws on what a wonderful kid Trayvon Martin was is - you should excuse the expression - a dead-bang loser.

Victims of this law are far more likely to be big, ugly, dangerous felons than they are to be cute fluffy bunnies like Trayvon Martin.

But even big, ugly, dangerous felons who are not breaking the law have not earned execution.


Some Wisconsin GOP state Senate dude got recalled for being a dick and also banging some lobbyist chick who wasn't his wife, and then later he got a DUI and got arrested and now he is on trial. But was it a frame-up? IT WAS A FRAME-UP, he and his lawyers now say. Because of how all the Wisconsin public sector workers vowed to ruin his life! Also? Randy Hopper totally cried in court, like Darrell Issa, a known crybaby, who cries. READ MORE »
Shep Smith forgets Fox talking points, again
You wouldn't like him when he's ... oh wait, yes you would.
You guys, Shep Smith is mad (again), and he is not having any more of this nonsense. Somebody must have forgotten to send him Hannity's playbook on how to wonder whether this whole Trayvon Martin mishigas might not have just been a terrible misunderstanding, because he is almost in a fugue state of anger.
"He's walking home with Skittles for his sibling, and his iced tea. There was a confrontation, there was screaming, there was 'help help help,' there was a dispute over who was screaming help, it's widely believed that it was Trayvon. Hang on. Widely believed it was Trayvon who was screaming 'help' and then shots fired. And then silence. Ominous silence. And then a little boy lying face down in a pool of his own blood. And dying in the streets of that gated community. And then this man who did the shooting, his weapon is not even taken away? And it's not even taken into consideration whether this man is a danger to his community?" READ MORE »

Not a man who should start a race war.

Whew! Tucker Carlson's Daily Callgirl couldn't quite figure out how to blame Barack Obama for Trayvon Martin's death, but thankfully star "reporter" Matthew Boyle came up with the next best thing: President Barack Obama only commented on the death of a young man shot by a guy muttering "fucking coons" because the Black Panthers told him to. READ MORE »



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