Thursday, April 19, 2012

Headlines - Thursday April 19

The Republican-controlled House Agriculture Committee voted today to advance $33 billion in cuts to food stamps (SNAP). According to recent numbers, food stamps have reduced poverty by 8 percent and are directly stimulative for the economy.
The hits just keep on coming. Here's Nugent back in 1990, quoted in the Detroit Free Press magazine:
In the same interview Nugent expounded on his racial views, "I use the word n----r a lot because I hang around with a lot of n----rs, and they use the word n----r, and I tend to use words that communicate...."
So "they" like to be called that. Good to know.

The man who held a bring-your-guns campaign shooting event six months before Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head is now the Republican nominee to replace her.

Republican Jesse Kelly, a construction manager and Tea Party favorite, won the Republican nomination primary last night to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). Kelly will face former Giffords district manager Ron Barber in the June 12th special election. Kelly, in his unsuccessful 2010 bid for the same seat, infamously hosted an M16 automatic weapons shooting campaign event to help supporters "get on target" to "help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office."

I can only imagine the celebratory hoots and hollers heard in the offices of the NRA today. The rest of us can only watch in shame and amazement.

How do you satirize the already-satirical?


Town Crier Boehner crawls out from under his rock

…to insult the president.

House Speaker John Boehner today took on President Obama directly, criticizing the president for "shrinking from his responsibility to lead" on the economy and suggesting the president lacks "any courage to help tackle these problems."

Courage is becoming the first black president of the United States.

Courage is going for the "grand bargain" and offering over $4 trillion in cuts and tax hikes.

Courage is ending DADT in a country that is still disappointingly homophobic.

Courage is publicly and repeatedly calling for the end of the bubble-generating, trickle-down-economics in a country that worships money.

I can think of dozens of cases wherein John Boehner has not displayed courage, but I don't think I need to list them.



Via the Weather Channel, a new poll from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication reveals that a overwhelming majority of Americans believe recent extreme weather events were caused by climate change, and at least one third of Americans have been personally harmed by such events.

82 percent of Americans report that they personally experienced one or more types of extreme weather or a natural disaster in the past year;
35 percent of all Americans report that they were personally harmed either a great deal or a moderate amount by one or more of these extreme weather events in the past year;
By a margin of over 2 to 1 (52% vs. 22%) Americans say the weather in the U.S. has been getting worse — rather than better — over the past several years;
A large majority of Americans believe that global warming made several high profile extreme weather events worse, including:
-The unusually warm winter of December 2011 and January 2012 (72%)
-Record high summer temperatures in the U.S. in 2011 (70%)
-The drought in Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 (69%)
-Record snowfall in the U.S. in 2010 and 2011 (61%)
-The Mississippi River floods in the spring of 2011 (63%)
-Hurricane Irene (59%);
-Only 36 percent of Americans have a disaster emergency plan that all members of their family know about or an emergency supply kit in their home (37%).

If Americans have been convinced in such great numbers, it can only be because they've personally experienced or witnessed the change in our weather. Because the media, and a large portion of our elected leadership, sure hasn't done anything to convince them.


The latest Pew poll shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama by a full six points — 50% to 44% — among senior citizens.

Ingrates. The president is saving Medicare recipients billions of dollars by closing the Medicare Part-D donut hole, and yet they're leaning Romney.

A new HHS report indicates that 3.6 million Medicare enrollees saved a total of $2.1 billion in 2011 thanks to these ACA provisions. And since the discounts are phased in slowly between 2010 and 2020, the savings will only increase in the future.

Old people should be at the top of the pro-Obama roster because of this. After all, if Romney is elected, he'll repeal the ACA and the donut hole will open up again, meaning senior citizens will have to pay for life-saving prescriptions out of their own fixed-income pockets for a period time every single year.


The Catholic League is going to mobilize religious groups to boycott Jon Stewart because he said "vagina manger."



So much for being a "nation of laws" that "does the right thing" even when doing the right thing is difficult or uncomfortable. The Supremes handed down a unanimous ruling on Wednesday, crushing the hopes of torture victims who were mistreated outside the United States of ever seeing justice done in civil court -- but don't blame Obama or even Bush -- blame the assholes who wrote it in 1991. The 1994 housecleaning of those worthless jackals really was overdue.


No magic, no invisible sky wizards, no pointless prayers - just science. "British scientists have restored the sight of blind mice by transplanting light-sensitive photoreceptor cells into their eyes. The work is a step towards a new treatment for patients with degenerative eye diseases. Scientists at University College London Institute of Ophthalmology injected cells from young healthy mice directly into the retinas of adult mice that had night-blindness. The findings are published in Nature. The cells transplanted were immature rod-photoreceptor cells, which are especially important for seeing in the dark. After four to six weeks up to one in six of the transplanted cells had formed the connections needed to transmit visual information to the brain."


Legacy Of BP Oil Spill: Eyeless Shrimp And Fish With Lesions

Time for Joe Barton to apologize again.


Show some leg


Mario: Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' Law


No More Mister Nice Blog:

…the unreported story of our times is that birtherism isn't an isolated example of paranoid lunacy taking hold of a disturbingly large segment of the population — in fact, modern conservatism is driven by multiple lunatic theories that are precisely as delusional as birtherism.

True…but the mulitple lunacies have been reported time and time again. The problem is that the people who should be paying attention aren't listening to anyone whose first name isn't Rush, Glenn or Sean.

The theories:

  • Birtherism
  • Obama is a Muslim
  • Obama is a Communist
  • Obama is the anti-Christ
  • Obama eats little white babies on Tuesdays (made that one up…but not by much)
  • Tax cuts for the rich creates jobs
  • Homosexuality is a perversion and can be cured with prayer
  • The Tea Party is a grassroots movement
  • Corporations are people
  • Bush, Palin and Bachmann have functioning brains
  • Abstinence education prevents teenage pregnancies
  • Climate change is a hoax
  • The GOP in its current state is a serious political party
  • FOX News is fair and balanced
  • The Affordable Care Act creates death panels
  • Creationism is science
  • Evolution is a flawed theory

And on it goes…the delusional theories of a self-destructing political party.



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