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Headlines - Saturday December 3

Unemployment rates when Presidents ENTERED office until NOVEMBER, 34 months later. (In other words, at THIS time in each of their presidencies.)

Reagan - 7.5; 8.5; an increase of 1.0%
GHWB - 5.4; 7.0; an increase of 1.6%
Clinton - 7.3; 5.6; a decrease of -1.7%
Bush Jr - 4.2; 5.8; an increase of 1.6%
Obama - 7.8; 8.6; an increase of 0.8%
Cain launches website smearing accusers as 'pathetic husbandless women' 

This goes beyond "blame the victim" to shame the victim for having the audacity of claiming Herman Cain would even be interested in them in the first place.

At this point, the Cain campaign isn't so much denying the accusations as they are basically saying "Yeah, but they're bitches anyway!"

Ironically, the stock-photo of women giving the thumbs-up to Herman Cain has been removed from the website.

If even stock-women won't support you, how can you expect real women to?

Someone got paid to do this:
Keep your expectations tiny - Good news, fellow hobos! The Job Creators have decided to hire 120,000 of us, so no more cans of hobo beans! The unemployment rate fell from 9% to 8.6%, too. How's that possible when not enough people were hired to keep up with population growth? Easy! Because a huge number of people stopped looking for work, that how! (The Lookout)
Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum has issued a pledge for judgeship candidates to sign in which they agree that there is no such thing as separation of church and state. Sharia Law IS real people. And it's not wearing a burqa.
At the Wisconsin capitol:
The Freedom From Religion Foundation has posted the above signs among the other holiday displays at the Wisconsin Capitol. Friendly Atheist reports that the same signs will soon appear at the Mississippi Capitol.
This week, the United States Senate passed S. 1867 also known as the National Defense Authorization Act including sections 1031 and 1032 which authorize the military to arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens without trial or charge. Despite national outcry over the bill which effectively suspends the Constitutional rights of those suspected of terrorist activities and would allow Americans to be incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, the Senate passed the bill by an overwhelming margin of 93-7. This means that Congress could easily override the President's threatened veto.

But this act of Congress is even more dangerous than we first thought. Included in the bill is Amendment 1068 which was offered by Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. This part of the bill undermines President Obama's executive order that bans torture and overrides the list of permissible interrogation techniques in the US Army Field Manual. In other words, the US military could arrest ordinary American citizens without reading them their Miranda Rights, put them in a cell at Gitmo without the benefit of an attorney, a trial, or charges of any kind, and then torture them during interrogation. A secret list of torture techniques would be created without public knowledge.


Thank you, President Obama! As of yesterday, a provision in the evil "Obamacare" took effect which requires health insurance companies to spend 80% of the consumers' premium dollars they collect—85% for large group insurers—on actual medical care rather than overhead, marketing expenses and profit. Failure on the part of insurers to meet this requirement will result in the insurers having to send their customers a rebate check representing the amount in which they underspend on actual medical care.

Those opposing Obamacare need not participate. In fact, I wish they would be prevented from doing so.


The high price of a quick buck.


Scott Walker's First Amendment

"Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, so long as they pay $50 per hour per police officer required to keep a watchful eye on them."


Jurasicpork: First They Laugh at You...


Dear American Jews: Thank You For Your Money and Support, But Don't You Dare Marry Our Kids! Fondly, Bibi

That is pretty much the message that the Israeli government has sent to American Jewry, in a heavy-handed ad campaign aimed at Israeli ex-patriates.

The ads were produced by
a right-wing thug, an Israeli Ann Coulter, who is angry that American Jews would see her ads as insulting.

I suspect that the ads are exactly in line with the thinking of the Netanyahu government: That American Jews are not "real" Jews to them. "Thank you for your money and for persuading your government to send us foreign aid and military equipment, you filthy pseudo-Jews in the the Diaspora." For, as
Dana Goldstein pointed out, this isn't the first time that Netanyahu's government has trotted out this line of crap. You can see this type of attitude in past debates, were even mild critiques of Israel by American Jews results in them being blasted for being "self-hating Jews".

A basic rule of persuasion: You don't deepen relationships with friends and relatives by insulting them. If someone has a disagreement with you, such tactics can turn a mild dissenter into an enemy. So if Netanyahu wants to turn American Jews into people who will be more and more willing to criticize him and his country, he is doing exactly what he should be doing.
Circus seeks ringmaster - Short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump will moderate a GOP Debate hosted by Newsmax on December 27. Kill me now, please. (TPM)
Justice delayed, but not denied. "A former New Orleans police officer was sentenced to five years in prison for helping cover up a deadly shooting in the days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. ... Ten New Orleans police officers have been convicted in a federal probe into a police shooting on September 4, 2005 that killed two civilians and seriously injured four others on the city's Danziger Bridge, just after the hurricane. ... Robert Barrios was the last of five police officers being sentenced who was linked to the shooting and cooperated with investigators. ... Barrios was in a group of police officers who drove to the bridge after five other police officers had opened fire against the civilians. ... In April 2010, Barrios admitted to federal prosecutors "that he agreed with other officers to obstruct justice during the investigations that followed the shooting," the Justice Department said in a statement."
We hope he gets ten years and loses his right to vote forever. "A former Republican governor's aide accused of election fraud in Maryland defended himself in court on Friday against claims an automated phone message he authorized was intended to suppress black Democrat voters. ... Paul Schurick, 55, campaign manager for former Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich, testified that the phone calls made to more than 100,000 Democratic, mostly-black voters on election night last year were intended to inspire them to vote. ... The message assured listeners that Ehrlich's Democratic opponent -- incumbent Martin O'Malley who had defeated Ehrlich's reelection bid in 2006 -- and President Barack Obama, who was not up for election, were already "successful." ... "Our goals have been met," said the message delivered in a woman's voice starting at about 6 p.m. on November 2. ... "The polls are correct and we took it back. We're OK. Relax. Everything's fine. The only thing left is to watch it on TV tonight." ... Prosecutors say the calls were approved as Ehrlich's support among black voters plummeted, according to emails between Schurick and a polling expert one week before the election, but by suppressing black voters -- who heavily favored O'Malley -- Ehrlich could make up significant ground."
Nancy may be the Minority Leader (for the time being) but she still runs circles around the drunken, cry-baby, chicken-shit sonofabitch. "House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says Republicans can forget about using the looming expiration of a year-long payroll tax holiday for workers to squeeze a host of unrelated conservative priorities through Congress, and projected confidently that her party has the GOP cornered on the issue. ... In an exclusive interview Friday with TPM, Pelosi sketched out the Democrats' strategy for renewing (and possibly expanding) the payroll tax cut, which most economists say would promote job creation next year -- when persistent unemployment will be at the center of the election debate. ... "It is really a stalling tactic," Pelosi said of recent reports that Republicans want to use the lapsing tax cut as leverage to pass key GOP priorities, including construction of a major oil pipeline from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, and rolling back Obama's health care law. "It's unworthy of the needs of the American people for them to go all around the mulberry bush with this stuff. If they want to do something for the American people -- to remove the uncertainty as to whether these payroll tax cuts will be extended, whether [unemployment insurance] will be extended ... let's just get about doing it." ... "They know that this stuff isn't going to fly, that the President's not going to sign it -- so why are they doing this," Pelosi says. "It's about votes at the end of the day, and some of their people are never going to vote for anything, so they're going to need our votes, we're going to have to work together, and they're going to need the President's signature -- and they're going to need it to pass the Senate." ... Pelosi attacked the GOP for demanding that renewing the temporary payroll tax cut be offset, while insisting on large, permanent, unpaid for income tax cuts for wealthy Americans. But that is their demand. And in that context, Pelosi became the first member of Democratic leadership to propose paying for the cuts with funds that were previously expected to pay for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Disgusting bastards. The Republicans actually voted to raise taxes on working Americans by filibustering an extension on the president's payroll tax cut.

The cloture vote was 51-49 with two Democrats (Tester and Manchin) joining the Republican filibuster.

So everyone earning a paycheck just received a tax hike — by the Republicans of all people, who claim to hate tax hikes (they clearly don't).

Of course, the filibuster occurred on the same day when anti-tax godfather Grover Norquist gave the Republicans his blessing to raise taxes.

Oh, and the Republicans have their own payroll tax cut plan. It's a peach.

The Republicans have offered an alternative plan, sponsored by Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV), which would extend the payroll tax cuts for one year, paid for by a freeze in federal workers' pay together with weeding out more federal jobs.

Yep, the only way they'll do it is to fire more American workers and freeze the salaries of everyone who isn't fired. When unemployment is nine percent, they want to fire more Americans who have mortgages and debt and kids. Disgusting bastards.

The tally:


House GOP plan to attach Keystone XL poison pill to payroll tax cut package
Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE), the biggest proponent of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in Congress, expects a bill stripping President Obama of authority over the pipeline's approval and giving it to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will be folded into the year-end House unemployment/payroll tax holiday package, according to Politico's Darren Goode.


This is almost as bad as her Newsweek cover:

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