Sunday, December 18, 2011

Headlines - Sunday December 18

Greenwald: Three myths about the detention bill
Watch this video.
In the testimony, Paterno said he "knew inappropriate action was taken by Jerry Sandusky with a youngster" after a meeting with then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary, who allegedly saw Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a locker room shower the previous night, but did not inform police and waited at least a day to inform his boss, athletic director Tim Curley, because he "didn't want to interfere with their weekends." I wonder how the weekend went for the victim?

Is nothing safe:

A sinus-flushing device used to relieve colds and allergies has been linked to a deadly brain-eating amoeba.

Louisiana's state health department issued a warning about neti pots – which look like mini watering cans, that are used by pouring salty water through one nostril.

It follows two recent deaths – a 51-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man from the 'brain-eating amoeba' Naegleria fowleri.

It is thought the amoeba entered their brains when they used the devices.


Dear Father Christmas: All I really want and need for Christmas is a mythological Vertibrate Democrat


As unemployment runs out, disability applications go up

I don't think this is as simple as people faking injuries in order to stay afloat. A lot of middle-aged people with disabilities would rather work, and used to be able to find jobs that made working possible. Now the options have been choked off (along with their health insurance) and health conditions are getting worse, as they tend to do with age. But of course that's not how the politicians will spin it. The Wall St. Journal:


Bryan Fischer of the American FAMILY Association: God Sent Christopher Hitchens to Hell Because He Loved Him

Yes, and you're an idiot.


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