Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Headlines - Tuesday December 6

Andy Borowitz: Newt Gingrich meeting with Donald Trump is what science calls a full douchebag eclipse.
OPEC members: We want clean energy
Furious at latest U.S. attack, Pakistan shuts down resupply routes to Afghanistan "permanently" - Did the Taliban trick us into firing on the Pakistanis?
Good. Maybe we can finally leave Afghanistan AND cut off any aid to Pakistan ($22 billion since 2002)
This Is Why The GOP Has Installed Mandatory Photo ID Voter Laws

Since coming to power last fall, many Tea Party-GOP dominated state legislatures have installed new laws requiring a photo ID to vote. The above graphic tells us exactly why.


NASA's Kepler planet-finding project has hit pay dirt, and planet Kepler-22b looks like it would probably a great place to vacation.

NASA has found a new planet outside Earth's solar system that is eerily similar to Earth in important aspects.

Scientists say the temperature on the surface of the planet is about a comfy 72 degrees (22 Celsius). Its star could almost be a twin of Earth's sun. It probably has water and land.

It was found in the middle of the habitable zone, making it the best potential target for life.

The discovery announced Monday was made by NASA's Kepler planet-hunting telescope. This is the first time Kepler confirmed a planet outside Earth's solar system in the not-too-hot, not-too-cold habitable zone. This is the region around a star where liquid water, a requirement for life on Earth, could persist. The planet is estimated to be 2.4 times the size of Earth, which would make it the smallest found to orbit in the middle of the habitable zone of a star like our sun.

Twice before astronomers have announced planets found in that zone, but neither was as promising. One was disputed; the other is on the hot edge of the zone.


Here's an interesting headline from Parade magazine yesterday:

A Mitt Romney You Haven't Seen Yet

The reason for this is that nobody had thought of matching up a subject like Mitt Romney with an interviewer like David Gergen, who would suck up to a Gaboon viper if it got elected to something somewhere. Match up hard-hitting inquiries like...

Did he get you up early in the morning to go do the chores?

...with replies in what appears to be an unusual dialect of Robot English...

The lawn mowing was not early in the morning. 

...and you certainly do get a Mitt Romney that you haven't seen yet: An even more boring one.


And now it can be told: World Net Daily asked at a White House Press conference if Obama "approved or disapproved of beastiality in our armed forces." Oddly, Jay Carney moved onto the next question. (The White House)


BP says Halliburton destroyed Gulf spill evidence

Images of the BP oil spill on The Gulf of Mexico. Image via AFP.

(Reuters) - BP Plc accused Halliburton Co of destroying evidence that the oilfield services company did inadequate cement work on the Gulf of Mexico oil well that blew out last year, and asked a federal judge to punish Halliburton.

The accusation, in a BP court filing, raises the stakes ahead of a trial, expected in late February, to assign blame and damages for the April 2010 blowout of the Macondo well, which triggered the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

Citing recent depositions and Halliburton's own documents, BP said Halliburton "intentionally" destroyed the results of slurry testing for the well, in part to "eliminate any risk that this evidence would be used against it at trial."

The oil company also said Halliburton appeared to have lost computer evidence showing how the cement performed, with Halliburton maintaining that the information is simply "gone."


Mitt Romney spent nearly $100,000 in state funds to replace computers in his office at the end of his term as governor of Massachusetts in 2007 as part of an unprecedented effort to keep his records secret.

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